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    Help with Fish ID, Rasbora?

    I used to keep some that were almost that exact color, was marketed as purple harlequin. A cool morph, and will school and even breed with any other morph of the harlequin in my experience.
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    Want To Sell WTS fish, snails and plants

    What state are you shipping from?
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    Show off your fish tank!

    Been a while since I did some show off your tank action. This one still hasn't recovered from the big plant pulling I did in June but it's getting better. I think I damaged the middle swords roots worse than I thought while pulling out the larger crypts. It should be back up to height (was...
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    UV Clarifier Question

    The only website I know of that discloses the statistics for level 1 or 2 sterilizer (diy)design doesn't play well with fishlore, not a big deal but I cannot link the resource I usually use for this subject (diy at least) for you here. It's a bit complicated but for level 1 your light needs to...
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    Magnesium or iron deficiency?

    Salvinia is a nutrient sink, and it shades the tank as it grows cutting lighting more than people often realize. In addition to the other biomass of plants you put in you are definitely going to need to up your nutrients, and likely your lighting. There's a really fun math problem out there, I...
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    Magnesium or iron deficiency?

    Here's a good article from MSU (Michigan State University) that describes some of the mobile and immobile (translocation) nutrients: "Knowing nutrient mobility is helpful in diagnosing plant nutrient deficiencies - MSU Extension" Knowing nutrient mobility is helpful in diagnosing plant nutrient...
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    Magnesium or iron deficiency?

    Are the red circled "old leaves" actually new since the plant went into your(this specific if you have multiples) tank or are they from before it was put in this tank? As said above it's hard to tell what the issue is when plants grow differently but if all of that growth (old and new) happened...
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    Electrical question: adding in-line switch to filter.

    I am good with electrical stuff, but for the basics I can't beat the price of a thrift shop surge strip. I do custom wire and switch all my led/DC stuff but not the pumps or other 60hz AC.
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    Are there digital Gh/Kh testers

    There are a number of pens and testers out there; with the exception of tds, most of them are not worth the money and time to the home fish keeper. There are two ways these tend to work, one way is essentially a "digital color reader" where you will use a re-agent (similair to the API/seachem...
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    Does levamisole hurt nitrogen cycle bacteria and/or plants?

    I have never had an ammonia or nitrite spike while treating a tank with levamisol. When you treat your fish will be slightly tranquilized, any snails will be more so, but with careful dosing everyone should survive. It is still possible to lose a fish that was heavily infected as there is other...
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    What's your ride-or-die algae eater?

    I wish I could vote twice. My every tank ride or die are the ramshorns since they fit anywhere and are prolific=cheap and sustainable. They really don't cut back any of the string/fibrous algae nearly as good as the amano though, in the tanks where amano are appropriate they are comparable in...
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    Should I add snail to my betta tank?

    They,(nerites) lay eggs in all water. The eggs only hatch in brackish, then to try and get anything feasible from the hatch is another science project all it's own. You can always tell someone has a nerites by the white specks that pop up in an the groves of Driftwood/decorations.
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    October 2021 Fish/Plant/Invert/Coral of the Month

    Neolamprogus Multifaciatis juvenile and parents
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    Wild-life photos

    Saw this while dropping crab pots, sadly it took a little to long too get my camera on. There are a ton of these up here, but this one was almost 3 foot across (wider than my crab pot)
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    10 Gallon Tank What to do with giant crypts?

    I pull them up and divide them all the time, you can also trim them. If you have somewhere to plant clones division at the root ball would be the way to go. If you do not, it probably wouldn't be with the cloud of gunk to pull them out and I would just trim it. If you do decide to pull and...
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