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    Stocking my 29 gal

    Alright thanks. The tank is cycled however I will check levels when I get home. Last time I checked ammonia nitrate nitrites were all zero and pH looked pretty neutral but I'll check again to be safe. Thanks, Joel
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    Stocking my 29 gal

    It's been awhile since I've been on here but I've got a real quick question. I just did a water change yesterday is it too soon to add new fish today? I was thinking about going to get three black skirts (that will make a school of 6) and a bn Pleco. Also is that adding to many fish at the...
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    How to hatch NeriteSnail Eggs?

    A little bit of both
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    How to hatch NeriteSnail Eggs?

    This is Joel again ... Still none of the eggs have hatched I just did a 98% water change on my brackish 5 gallon as none of the eggs had hatched. Does anyone happen to have experience in hatching nerite snail eggs. Thanks, -Joel
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    Anyone Love Cheese Here????

    This is the last thing I expected to ever see on a fish forum. Lol
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    What type of snails are these?? Saw this YouTube video of a snail trap and it seems like a good idea to me.. Just for future reference or ideas. -Joel
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    Betta Emergency.. Trying to save him.

    He has not been eating. However he was still pooping yesterday I think. Occasionally he will come to the top for air other time he sits at the bottom. And yes he is in the five gallon. Thanks, -Joel
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    How to hatch NeriteSnail Eggs?

    Its at around 1.012-1.015
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    Cory Cats

    I would probably go with 2-3 and maybe add some variety such as blood worms the cories love variety. -Joel
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    How do people set-up and use a 10 gallon breeder tank?

    Did you remove and add new water to the 10 gallon tank? -Joel
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    What Fish is This?

    Looks a bit like a goldfoil barb to me Also welcome to the forum! -Joel
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    Snail photos

    Cool picture of zebra Nerite snail pattern change due to change in water conditions.
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    Betta Emergency.. Trying to save him.

    Sorry the below attached image was an accident and I can't figure out how to remove it.
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    Betta Emergency.. Trying to save him.

    No it is not from the bowl but it is from the same source and I will be putting a Betta leaf in the tank.
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    Betta Emergency.. Trying to save him.

    Ok rn I have him in a seperate container and am very slowly acclimating him to the five gallon tank so I can get him in better conditions what should I do once I feel he has been properly acclimated. He can barely swim to the surface how should I help? Thanks, -Joel

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