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    Cycling Questions

    I would dose up to about 2 ppm ammonia every day until the nitrites go away and nitrates are increasing.
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    Raising Fry, A Few Are Dieing....

    I have a batch of electric blue acaras that are a few months old now. About once a week or once every two weeks, I find one that has died. I am struggling to figure out what the issue is. Upon investigation, they appear as if they got "stopped up" and possibly became infected and couldnt poo...
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    Some Cycling Advice For A Novice...please!

    Just stay patient. Fishless cycles can take some time to complete. As mentioned earlier, only redose ammonia once you notice it dropping. Nitrite eating bacteria take a little longer to develop. I have had this same thing happen to me. You are doing fine.
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    Cycling Issue?

    Some ammonia is common on API tests. I have a 36 gallon tank that has been up and running for well over a year. Time to time I will still test ammonia, and never get a solid yellow result. I always get a very slight green reading (approx 0.25 to 0.5 ppm).....
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    Cycling Issue?

    you may never see a nitrite spike since you are cycling with only a betta. His ammonia load is pretty minimum. It is common to see "some ammonia" when testing, especially if your tap has some. Since you are producing nitrates, you are good to go IMO. Just keep up with regualr water changes.
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    Aqua Clear Filter. Removing Carbon Filter?

    Are you asking about the flow again? Post a picture or two of the carbon in and out
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    Hi All, Need Veteran Advice.

    You can always take the media from your HOB and put it directly in the cannister now.
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    How Much Gravel From Established Tank

    All that I am pointing out to the OP is that for a single betta, they don't need to worry as much about seeding the new aquarium as the betta will cycle the tank by itself and not experience the same type of conditions a dozen tetras would. And if you paid any sort of attention to what was...
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    How Much Gravel From Established Tank

    A single betta won't produce enough ammonia to allow high enough concentrations of ammonia or nitrite to build up before the bacteria develop. As long as you aren't overfeeding. Bettas cycle their own tanks pretty easily. Heck, yypically they live in single small cups at the big box stores...
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    Cycling With Seachem Stability Questions

    Your ammonia source is so low (single fish) that it should take awhile before nitrates shoot up. If you seeing small amounts of nitrates, good then you are successfully converting ammonia to nitrates (unless of course your tap water is the same) test nitrates of both (tank vs tap) side by side...
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    How Much Gravel From Established Tank

    if it is only for a betta tank, I wouldnt even worry about it....just keep up regular water changes for the first few weeks and it will cycle itself pretty easily
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    Cycling With Seachem Stability Questions

    Honestly, I am would be willing to bet that you are closer to it or even actually are cycled. Low ammonia readings are common on established tanks using the API test kit (think about it, ammonia doesn't convert the very second fish produce it) don't have nitrites and you are producing...
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    What Caused My Fish To Die? (picture)

    I am going to assume that you are pretty new and didnt properly cycle the tank. How long have you had the tank with fish in it? Do you test your water or did you take it to a store? Do you know what the nitrogen cycle is?
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    How Much Gravel From Established Tank

    As much as you can get! haha, I have tried seeding a tank with used gravel and it really didnt help me as much as I was hoping. I would even suggest putting a bag of ot in your filter to help seed your filter media.
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    Adding A Betta

    I hope you are ready! that we have gotten you squared away, you are about to fall in love! You will soon be researching more fish and I see a new small aquarium in your future! Betta will go the new aquarium, while you start the 20 backup with an assortment of small tetras or...
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