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The day after the 2013 New York State Fair my then-housemate, who worked at the Fairgrounds, found "leftover" prize goldfish thrown into a trash can. He brought home the ones that were still alive. I am an experienced dog and cat rescuer, but had not planned to take in fish. Thus began my learning experience. The fish spent their first night here in a 4-gallon bucket, graduated to a donated 20 gallon aquarium the next day, moved through a series of progressively larger used tanks I got on Craigslist, and in October 2016 I set up a 400 gallon pool in the basement as an indoor pond for them.
Northeast USA
Hypothetically, yes, I would if I were planning to add new fish (which I'm not)
List any water conditioners and test kits used:
Seachem Prime, API Freshwater Master Test kit
5 years
Do you know of and understand the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle?
Aquarium Size
437 gallons (basement pond made of Intex above ground pool
Aquarium Type
Freshwater Fish Only
Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
Goldfish (commons and comets).
Aquarium Start Date
This particular pond, October 2016. First tank setup with surprise rescue goldfish, September 2013.
66F last i checked
~7.5 (highest reading with the regular pH drops and lowest on the high-range pH drops)
Overhead fluorescent light fixture with two T12 6500K tubes
Aquarium Filter Type
Click to view larger image and other views 4000-Gal-Pond-Filter-w-13W-UV-Sterilizer-Koi-Easy-Backwa




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