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    Otocinclus breeding

    yeah, I know. it is unfortunate that they are wild caught, but in have heard of people breeding them, but never seen in person. I do know that it is possible, but there are so few videos on youtube.
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    Otocinclus breeding

    hey everybody, been a while since I've been here. got a question. does anybody have some tips for breeding otocinclus? I just got about 2 of them and I intend on getting about 3 more. Thanks.
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    Malawi Cichlid Tankmates

    I'm wanting to get some more soon.
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    Malawi Cichlid Tankmates

    You see, I've kept red zebras with other malawI cichlids before and they were fine.
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    Malawi Cichlid Tankmates

    So I have some VERY young Auratus cichlids and some red zebras. what other fish can I keep with them? I have a siamese algae eater in there now. it is a 46 gallon tank. thanks, Jimothy.
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    Aquascape For 20 Gallon

    I would try moving the plants to the back corners of the tank, so that they are spaced out. you would have the venter open for fish and the whole front of the tank.
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    Shrimp Info

    sorry to intrude on your post, but Crispii, what are some basic things for keeping Ghost shrimp?
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    What Kind Of Fish Is This?

    looks like a jaguar cichlid.
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    Neon Gravid?

    Idk about time, but I do know that neon tetras are extremely hard to breed in captivity. or so i've been told. If you want to breed them, you can research that. Good luck!
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    Neon Gravid?

    Just looks gravid to me. is it active? or is it being lazy? If it is active then it is probably just gravid.
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    20 Gallon Tank Best Foods To Feed Mantis Shrimp

    Mudminnows or regular minnows, crabs, and shrimp. keep in mind all of them need to be live.
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    Selling A Couple Tanks

    best thing I would do is post them one facebook and craigslist. I would say $35 and $45 dollars minimum Best of luck!
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    5 Gallon Tank New Betta ... Whats His Name?

    Zeus sapphire Topaz
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    Bichir Help

    Also I read that sand affects Bichir coloration. what color will white sand produce?
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    150 Gallon Tank Oscar Tank Idea

    I think it might be alright, but watch the tank closely in case the cichlids start fighting. I may be wrong, I haven't owned an oscar in a while, and he may not be compatible with the other cichlids. Sorry about the vague answer.
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