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Dec 31, 1965 (Age: 53)


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    Dec 31, 1965 (Age: 53)


    I have  3 pictus catfish in 20 gallon tank as of now.  This is my 3rd attempt with Ick.  So far my record is 0-2 tanks. However, I feel pretty positive this time that I can save them. It's been 2 days now and they are still eating. Well make that 0-3. they all died.  I think I am going back to tigers and  maybe a few danios (not sure yet) when my tank cycles a few more days. If these die I may go back to trusty goldfish.  None of my goldfish ever died from ick just careless 100% water changes and not watching the temp. during changes.   Since I have become wiser I haven't lost one in over 7 months.  That's a real accomplishment for me.  My Tigers are great however all my cats died for the 5th tank in   row .  I am retiring from these ick prone fish.  I turned heat up to 82 over a few days but they all went to the great aquarium in the sky. My failure rate for these fish are 100%.  I now have 5 tigers and 2 orange danio and 1 zebra danio.