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    Is This A Specific Type go Guppy? IF So Which?

    Liveaquaria shows this as a “Sunray” guppy. I actually like it but many other sites list the “Sunray” as something else. Your opinion please?
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    Constipated Bolivian Ram

    Good looking ram; not constipated.
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    Seachem ParaGuard for betta fungus?

    When all else fails, READ the instructions. Will kill snails; most plants are ok.
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    Furan 2 and Black Molly Disease Info

    I had a black molly in a 40 breeder and she developed “black molly disease”. I was not sure how long she had it so I decided to treat the whole tank rather than isolation. The tank is heavily planted. After using API Furan 2 according exactly to label instructions the molly regained her health...
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    Food portion size for Cory Fry

    I recently had my dories breed in an occupied tank. Actually it was a 10 gallon with a sand base and some floating plants. I removed the parents (bad move, now I have about 80 Cory babies). To feed them I put some flake food in a mortar and pestle and ground it to a fine texture. They loved it I...
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    Purchased some bags of fish food has its own line of foods in bags. Prices are great. I have been using Kens food for 3 years now without any deficiencie. Contents are listed on site and bags.
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    Beginner, let's start responsibly! Natural Filtration

    If you think that you can survive without water changes, just take some of your tank water after 3 or 4 weeks and put in a clear glass jar. It will scare you. BTW, I have 4 large heavily planted tanks and I do water changes every 3 to 4 weeks. I drain the water via a long hose into a white...
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    Automatic Feeder For Fry Food

    I use Fishmate F-14. It only has 14 slots so you can feed once a day for 14 days or trice a day for 7 days. Very easy to set up. I also have some of the Elemis but to me they are painful to set up, although you can store enough food in them to feed for a month or two. For a pinch I would use the...
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    Betta Breeding Question

    I do not know what you mean by “submissive stripes”. The female betta always has a supply of eggs, it is just a matter of is the male ready to breed with her. Usually the female will get pretty beat up to some degree during the mating. In the betta world it is all about what the male wants.
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    Do Guppys Need Air Stone

    Go look at one of the main You Tube personalities such as Rachel O’Leary. None use air stones although a few use sponge filters run by air. Answer: NO, save your $$$$
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    Hardiest Corys

    Bronze by a mile. Mine have bred numerous times in my 4 tanks and now I have herds of them. I did have schools of false JulI and peppered. They never bred and slowly died off.
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    Plant Suggestion For 10 Gallon

    You have plenty for a 10 already. Your Val’s and crypts will spread and after a few months you will be trying to,give them away.
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    Guppy Dying Or Pregnant?

    If she does not join the crowd soon I would say she is not well although she looks in good shape. Tank looks clean and the other fish seem happy.
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    Pond Snail Euthanasia

    I do not type so I will keep this short. To euthanize a fish, a dwarf gouramI for example, I place the fish in a 12 oz container. Then I take a 2 oz jar almost filled with tank water and add 4 drops of clove oil (GNC). Shake the clove oil and pour a drop or two into the fish jar every minute...
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    Modifying Canister Filter Media

    I have EheI'm so I am not familiar with the layouts of Fluvals. When the water enters my canisters from the bottom it first hits noodles which break up detritus into smaller pieces. The noodles also serve as bacterial media. Then as the water flows upward it runs through a course sponge taking...
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