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    I'm o-fish-ially a broke fishservant

    I think I'm finally at the point where I'm selling more than I'm buying, but that's not so much because of self restraint as the fact that I don't have room for any more tanks (though I've been eyeing the space under the 40 gallon breeder in the bathroom).
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    10 Gallon Tank Troubles with the love of Gourami & a 10g stocking

    I think sparkling gouramis would be okay.
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    Sexing question; too early to tell?

    That, and the shape of the dorsal fin, make me tend to agree. jinjerJOSH22, what do you think?
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    Given some plants dont know what

    If you don't want to have to bother with removing the fishing line, you can use a dab of super glue to secure the anubias rhizome to the driftwood or rock. That can stay indefinitely, and is completely safe as long as the glue is cyanoacrylate.
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    Had a great day yesterday...

    I had a pretty good day myself. I took some shrimp, plants, and guppies to a store in Houston, got $120.00, and only spent $35.00 while I was there (a trio of koi guppies and some fish food).
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    How many shrimp in a 1 gallon?

    You could probably start with 5 or so neocaridinas. If you get mixed sexes the population should increase soon enough. I normally recommend starting with 10, but that's in larger tanks.
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    Help get my Eheim Heater Calibrated

    I have given up on trying to get the Eheim heaters to show the actual temperature. I adjust the temperature to where I want it according to a thermometer I trust, and ignore what it says on the heater itself.
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    30 Gallon Tank New guppies loitering by filter

    In that case I'd definitely do a water change. You don't want to let the combined ammonia and nitrites get much higher than that (definitely below 1.0, and again, that's combined, not just one of them).
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    Fry? Now what do I do?

    For many live-bearers, "just right conditions" cover a pretty wide range. I've had fry in the bag when I got home from the LFS. They weren't in there when the fish were put in the bag.
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    30 Gallon Tank New guppies loitering by filter

    Welcome. They should start moving around more after they get familiar with the tank. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'd probably do a 50% water change to get the nitrates down to around 40 ppm. If the pleco doesn't eat the wafer it's probably not hungry. If he doesn't eat it after a few...
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    Please help and ID this plant

    I'm pretty sure that's right.
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    Fry? Now what do I do?

    That's my understanding also. When I was gone on vacation last spring the fry in my tubs outside didn't get fed for three days (other than what they may have found in the tubs), and I didn't notice any problems.
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    40 Gallon Tank 40b planted stocking idea

    Pearl gouramis are usually much less aggressive than dwarf gouramis or bettas. I have eight of them in a moderately planted 40 gallon breeder, along with tetras and corys, and haven't seen any aggression issues.
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    40 Gallon Tank 40b planted stocking idea

    I'm a big fan of pearl gouramis, but why just one? I'd suggest at least three.
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    New to the hobby - questions about sand substrate

    No, do not replace the filter every two weeks. Even if it's the filter cartridge, and the manufacturer says to replace it often, don't do it. Rinse it and put it back until it's absolutely falling apart, and even then, leave it in the filter along with the new one for a few weeks so you don't...
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