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    Your other pets

    What is a terrapin? I have never heard of that animal before. ??? ;D
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    Your other pets

    Dashunds are so CUTE! I just love them. ;D
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    Your other pets

    I have other pets than my fish and I was wondering what you guys have as well. (i have 2 cockatails, 1 love bird, 4 turtles and fish of course)
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    I think the chat room is a really good idea so that we could all get to know each other but I think the problem with people being rude can be avoided if we put certain topics to the chat room. Like where are we from or hobbies, etc. that way we can avoid rude people. Plus I think the moderators...
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    lets get this section kickin!!!!!!!

    That is a really nice picture of your pet.
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    75 G

    I truely LOVE your tank it is as close to natural habitat as it can get. LOve it Love it love it. Wait did I forget to say that I love it...LOL ;D
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    My tank

    These pictures are even better than the ones at the rate my tank website. Nice pics.
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    Tank size most desired, and why?

    Same for me. I would lov to have a 55 gallon but there is no space in my house so I guess I have to stay with my 10 gallon tank. :-[
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    Fav. Fish #2

    Hey Emma that is one of my favorite things I like to see them doing too. I also like it when after I feed them they lay by the glass and look at me. ;D
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    Favorite type of tank

    So sorry Joe :'(
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    How Many Fish Tanks Do You Have?

    Congradulations on your new fish. It is going to be fun watching your fry grow.
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    filter rinsing

    Sure thing
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    Fav. Fish #2

    I love PLECOS. ;D
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    That is so true butterfly, I have two caves that are flourescent colors that I took out of my tank and now I look at them and wonder what was I thinking. ;D
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    Fish Dyeing - cruel but real

    Wow Isabella that was shocking news. I have always seen those painted glass tetras at the pet shop and wondered how that painted them and how cruel it was to paint them. Now I know how they do it. I have never bought painted glass fish and never will thanks to that article you presented.

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