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  1. Shrimp Bragging

    I got some amano shrimp to help get rid of an algae outbreak. They are doing a great job! Pics taken a few days apart
  2. Shy Amano Shrimp?

    Hello Yesterday, I added three Amano Shrimp to my 20 gallon to (hopefully) reduce the algae on my plants. I’ve never had shrimp, before. Today, I couldn’t find them for quite a while, until I lifted the tank lid and spotted them just *barely* under the surface, among my floating plants. Is this...
  3. Perpetually High Nitrates?

    Correct... zeros across the board! Thanks for taking the time... I appreciate it!
  4. Perpetually High Nitrates?

    Tap water has nitrate reading of 0, ph 7.6. Good idea. Thank you!
  5. Perpetually High Nitrates?

    There was definitely some orange, but I was surprised at how high it was only one day post WC/vacuum! Makes me wonder if I’m over feeding (my fish insist I’m not...)
  6. Perpetually High Nitrates?

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon stocked with 8 harlequin rasboras, 7 kuhli loaches, and two dwarf gouramis. The tank is planted with S repens, a moss ball, lots of bitty frogbit, cardamine lyrata, and there’s a few pothos sprigs, as well. Substrate is mostly gravel with some plant-friendly stuff at the base...
  7. Strange Water Surface?

    I don’t have any snails (that I know of)... when I tried to scoop some out with tongs, it looked a little viscous (lovely) and looked greenish when I got enough on the tool. Maybe another kind of algae? not pretty... It does look like that! But I have a lid, so I don’t know if a spider...
  8. Strange Water Surface?

    I suspect the green/brown stuff is algae (but please correct me if I’m wrong) ... but what on earth is the stringy stuff on the surface??
  9. S Repens Propagation Question

    Hello! I am a beginner to both fish keeping and planted tanks. I’ve read that, to propagate S. repens, you snip a stalk and replant it. I have a couple of patches of the plant, and I’m wondering if they’re tall enough to trim and replant. This is a 20 gallon tall, with LED lights and no CO2...
  10. Plant Id?

    Thank you!
  11. Plant Id?

    Does anyone know what this plant is? Thank you!
  12. White Stuff On Betta’s Head?

    Thank you.
  13. White Stuff On Betta’s Head?

    It wasn’t very “fluffy”, but it was a white film over his face. He declined very quickly... went from no obvious symptoms to dead in 16 hours. Do you think I need to take any precautions for the other fish in the tank??
  14. White Stuff On Betta’s Head?

    UPDATE: I came home at lunch to check on him, and he had died. I’m so sad, and worried for the other fish. His decline was so fast!! I just checked water parameters, and the look ok (although I’ll do a WC to bing nitrates down).
  15. White Stuff On Betta’s Head?

    For comparison, here’s his face, yesterday (no white gunk). I’ll also try to get a head-on photo when I get home, tonight.

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