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    Under tank heaters: yes or no?

    The problem is going to be finding a container that has a flat wall to attach suction cups on a more traditional up-to-5g heater. I'm not going to spend $80-$100 on a fancy brand name paludarium... I'm looking for the right size and shape of container at thrift stores and on amazon. So far, the...
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    1 Gallon Tank Heater for 1 gallon?

    A few months ago I had one of the little flat aqueon heaters go nuts after a couple weeks working well. Got up one morning and felt heat coming off the tank. Checked the temp with two different thermometers, and it came up at 94.1 on the first, 96 on the second. If you use a heater in a tank...
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    Under tank heaters: yes or no?

    Preface: Normally I wouldn't consider less than a 5.5 gallon tank for a Betta, but the fish in question failed to thrive in a larger environment, so I'm downsizing him, one last time. I do not require lectures on tank size. I am creating a mini (2-3 g) super low flow paludarium type setup for...
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    Shrimp safety

    I acquired a tank and plants that came with a single Amano shrimp in it. Having found that single one interesting to observe, I'm considering more... And I've found the color I want. They're referred to as "Neocaridena" shrimp. The water parameters posted for these fits my water, and tanks...
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    Tips for planting?

    I have a plant-only tank FULL of Brazilian Pennywort, and Hydrocotyl Tri... Japan something or other. They're beautiful and healthy, and I want to plant them in a couple tanks. Both tanks have Caribsea Eco-Complete, and I use root tabs to supplement the Thrive fertilizer I add a couple times...
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    Hydrocotle tp. Japan

    Thanks. I'll see what I can do to keep it in place without glue.. I just thought I was buying a short plant that would have some sort of roots.
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    Hydrocotle tp. Japan

    I ordered some Hydrocotle tp. Japan from eBay, and it arrived looking healthy and bright .. but it looks like it's just cuttings from a recent trim. There's no sign of roots growing, and I honestly don't know if there should be or not. I did some reading today, and one site said to put it on...
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    Ich treatment confusion

    I suspect you're right. I was thinking that the fish are coming from the same wholesaler, through the same store, which has a shared water system... So I know they'll have Ich. I was just hoping to combine their treatment and get it done this week. I've still got one fish with a visible spot, so...
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    Ich treatment confusion

    New question, but fish specific this time... I have a group of fish in quarantine, and my lfs finally has Pygmy Cories in stock. I've gradually increased the temp in my QT to 84, and the fish are tolerating it well. If I add the Cories to it, would the high temp put them into shock, or could...
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    Ich treatment confusion

    I got some new fish, and they've been quarantined. They seemed fine. Healthy, eating well, active... Then last night I saw those telltale dots of Ich. I did a water change and added Ich-X. The directions say to do a 1/3 water change, and re-dose. Am I adding medication for the volume of water...
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    Water test results - Is this normal?

    I have my betta in a heavily planted 5.5 gallon tank. This tank has been up and running for about 4 months now. It was established with cycled media and has never had any visible issues with water quality. In troubleshooting what I hoped was a treatable illness, but was in the end, simply my...
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    Might have to self ban

    You're right! That could be a 3-4 hour trip, with little stress getting through Seattle right now! I've only seen Murphy on their webcam. He looks so big, but there's no size perspective in the camera range. He must be just amazing to see in person. If you make that stop in Oregon, I'd like...
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    Might have to self ban

    I wish Seattle traffic wasn't such a nightmare. I'd love to go fish shopping there, but with the traffic, any/every day of the week, it's at least a 6 hour round trip, or $25/each way on the ferry, plus an hour each way. I could make the trip the The Wet Spot in Portland faster... Haven't done...
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    Successful Coexistence

    I read an article recently that said you need a ratio of 5 females to 1 male if you're keeping them in a mixed group. If you want them to have the best chance of living peacefully, I'd suggest a few more ladies, and planting very heavily to give them lots of different territories. If they're...
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    Frustrated about female bettas being sold too young

    My son just got me a PetSmart betta last week, (a surprise since I was still a little sad after my old guy died) and he is probably only 5-6 weeks old. I didn't know anyone sold males this young/tiny. He is doing really well, and is already eating from my fingertip, but he can barely fit the...
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