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  1. Help with Fish-in cycle

    You cannot dose Prime while using Tetra SafeStart. You need to wait a minimum of 24 hours after using Prime (or any water conditioner) before adding TSS. Then once adding TSS you do nothing but feed your fish for the next 14 days. On day 14 test your water and if all worked're...
  2. Lighting dead zone

    I guess it could be attached, but I know on mine the glass just slides into a slot on both sides. But you could just get some plexiglass and cut it into two pieces the size you want.
  3. Lighting dead zone

    I suppose you could just remove the plastic strip and then have just two separate glass tops.
  4. Question Can I be cycled with 5ppm nitrates?

    So it appears you are still in the ammonia phase of the cycle. Do you have any nitrates in your tap water? I have to tell you that I haven't heard of anyone who has had success with QuickStart. So here's my advice, I would bump the ammonia level up to 2ppm. I would also raise the tank temp as...
  5. Question Can I be cycled with 5ppm nitrates?

    What are your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH readings?
  6. Ammonia levels keep returning

    Here's the thing with pH and ammonia/ammonium. Depending on pH (and temperature) you can have ammonia and ammonium in the tank at the same time. I didn't mention it previously so as not to complicate things, but temperature also plays a role. If I remember correctly, higher temps will lead to...
  7. I need a quiet hob filter. Any ideas?

    If you are going to buy two filters (internal and HOB) the price may end up being the same as one canister filter. I really want to feel sorry for you for the high price of importing things but I'm so jealous that you live on and island I just can't bring myself to feel to bad. (Okay I am lying...
  8. What would you spend $30 on? fish/aquarium related

    Ya know...the way things are right now, I would just order $30.00 of toilet paper. :p :)
  9. Help Am I cycling my tank right?

    An ammonia level of 3ppm is fine for cycling, but beware it usually takes about 3 weeks for the ammonia level to start dropping. Once it starts dropping bump it up to about 1.5ppm-2ppm and test every 24 hours. Once nitrites spike and drop to 0ppm, you have more nitrates that whatever may be in...
  10. I need a quiet hob filter. Any ideas?

    I'm a huge fan of the AquaClear filters, but have you considered a canister filter?
  11. Recommended time for light being left on?

    My tank light used to get turned on at about 8:30am and turned off at 10:00pm. But last week i bought a new light for my tank which has a fully adjustable timer and the light actually starts off dim and slowly brightens to full brightness and will stay at full brightness and the start to slowly...
  12. What to use to increase PH to 8.4 to 9

    You are welcome
  13. Ammonia levels keep returning

    I've used Tetra SafeStart successfully several times and always had a fully cycled tank within 2 weeks. TSS is a bottle of Nitrosomas and Nitrospira. So by adding the TSS you are just adding the bacteria rather than having the bacteria occur naturally over the course of several weeks. It's...
  14. What to use to increase PH to 8.4 to 9

    Back in the day I dabbled in saltwater fish keeping. Since saltwater fish need a high pH level I had to use dolomite as my substrate. This brought the pH up to 8.4 or 8.5. So I can't see how you could really get the pH up higher than that. I had been under the impression that once the pH got up...
  15. Please Need Advice on Canister filter

    I have a Fluval 306 canister on my 46 gallon tank and am very happy with it. I think it is rated for up to a 70g tank (like I said, I think). If I remember correctly, with HOB (hang on the back) filter you want 10x your tank volume per hour (so for 200l you'd want a filter that could turn over 2000l...

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