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    Aqua One rubbish

    Aqua One are rubbish, they are a cheap and useless brand that make products which last weeks instead of years. You get what you pay for, Ehiems are expensives and also the best. Never get the cheap option!
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    Pictus Cat tankmates

    Mate plecos have a mouth designed for rasping algae off rocks they don't attack and kill fish, the pictus catfish has a big mouth designed to swallow small prey.
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    Lighting too Low

    Woah info overload, Thankx Isabella and atmmachine for your help. From your information I will get the twin light setup, and will get the bulbs with ratings under 10 000k. At the moment I have no idea what it is now as the bulb came with the light thingy. I do use liquid ferts every 2 weeks or...
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    Lighting too Low

    That would be a great idea if my light was attached to a hood. Unfortunately I don't have a hood just glass lids and a separate light unit.When I was buying it I knew I should have gone for the twin set up. oh well lesson learned. Just like when I had a 12 gal and 6 months later upgraded to a 17gal.
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    Bumblebee Catfish

    Ithink mines an asian one so I don't think I would be of any help. They only thing I would suggest has already been suggested by Dino. Maybe that bumblee was a sick one or the place had way different parameters to you. Because I find most catfish to adapt quickly to new environments.
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    Pictus Cat tankmates

    At full size there is no doubt that a pictus could eat a serpae tetra but at the size that you buy them I would say it would be ok. However the pictus may well outgrow your tank. THey are extremely active fish. Platies should be ok the larger they are the better of course. Careful with buying...
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    24 who's ready

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm on holidays sweet sweet holidays, then I go back for my final year of death.
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    Lighting too Low

    Oh well there goes my birthday money
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    Lighting too Low

    I know but I have the same plants in both tanks and in the smaller with the higher wattage to gallon ratio the plants grow much better and there is little algae in comparison.
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    24 who's ready

    Cant remember what we're up to but at the end of the last series Jack is captured and on a boat to China.
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    Lighting too Low

    I'm back again, In my 40 gallon I have a bad algae problem, and I was thinking as I only have 1 light tube of 30W in it and as the plants don't grow as good as in my smaller tank does anyone reckon that as the plants cannot grow good enough the algae takes over as the more dominant and has the...
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    Red tail shark color is fading

    She might have got a scare because red-tails colour increases to a brighter deeper red as they age not the other way around. Should be ok in a few days.
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    Original Form Angel- Died

    Got no idea why, how but about a week ago my younger angel which Id had for about 4-5months died. Just found him dead, completely white, picked at etc. Still don't know what happened, everyone else healthy and so was he. No bullying from other fish as I could tell. Really **** me off, may have...
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    Beard algae mabye

    Ive got some and even with algae eaters and me removing it, and less light and more water changes it won't go away! Its a Pain!
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    Nope don't even know where that is, have to check the map.
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