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    New To Fish, How Many Mollies And Cories?

    I'm glad ur using sand, the Cory's will love it, another fish I would recommend is the zebra danio, I've never lost a danio and in my opinion they are one of the hardest beginner fish out their!
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    Help Ammonia Spike/vacation

    Help! I'm in the middle of an ammonia spike (had a bad power cut, & I think I lost most of my good bacteria), I've been doing 50% water changes daily & my ammonia has gone down from 3.0 to 1.5 in 2 days & ph has dropped from 8.6 to 7.9 in 2 days. But the problem is I'm going on holiday for 1...
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    Help Guppy Gasping At Surface!!

    Help! Found my guppy gasping at the surface, all the other fish are fine. I tested my water and everything's fine, then I did a 50% change & exact same results! The guppy is still gasping even after water change. I put a tiny bit of food in to see if he has an appetite and he ate it. I have 3...
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    Question Fluval Stratum Contains Ammonia?

    Ty for the tips! I'll definitely try that!
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    Question Fluval Stratum Contains Ammonia?

    Thx good idea! I will change it in stages as not to remove all the good bacteria at once!
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    Question Fluval Stratum Contains Ammonia?

    I have decided to change my substrate from gravel to fluval stratum plant substrate, I have already ordered it online but just now a came across a video and the guy reviewing the stratum says it contains ammonia! Help I have an completely cycled tank with fish and the last thing I want is an...
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    20 Gallon Tank Help! Has My Rainbow Got Enough Room?

    Can I keep my red rainbow in my 20 gallon? Plz vote in poll!
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    To Small Tank???

    I know I used to have 4 (1 unfortunately died) they don't really school together but I might get 1 more if I mange to give away my red rainbowfish. What do u think r the hardest? I currently have 2 albino & 1 bronze. But I heard they aren't as hardy because they have been so imbred?
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    To Small Tank???

    Hi everyone I'm new, a few months ago I set up my first aquarium. It is a 20gallon/75 litres. I have a mixture of sand & gravel, 3 now huge Amazon swords, 2 Java fern, 1 crypt & 4 fairly big moss balls. I have a CIANO 80 filter, and a large heater. My stocking is now: 5x zebra danios, 3x...

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