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    Is the clay from ohko stone safe for cherry shrimp?

    I just kept rinsing until I got most of it out, I wasn’t that worried about it. I think I used my tweezers to get in the holes and stuff
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    Is the clay from ohko stone safe for cherry shrimp?

    I haven’t had it with shrimp but it’s fine in my tank with celestial pearl danios and cherry barbs, it’s just clay I would think it would be fine
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    What kind of plant is this

    Is this the plant your talking about? It looks like bacopa, or maybe moneywort?
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    5 Gallon Tank How to move without trouble?

    A good website that you can look at is. “aqua huna” that’s the only one I have experience with. I bought shrimp and they were great! a few things that can live in a ten are ,shrimp, rasboras, a betta, small tetras, Pygmy corycats, and celestial pearl danios, and killifish. Among...
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    What is this?

    I have this fish in my cold water setup, what is it? It’s saltwater
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    1 Gallon Tank Heater for 1 gallon?

    I kind of forgot to keep you guys up to date, but I found this heater on Amazon and was skeptical because there were no reviews. This thing has been working just great! If anyone still wants one you could try this one Elive Micro Heater : Elive Micro Heater : Pet Supplies it’s also...
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    1 Gallon Tank Heater for 1 gallon?

    What kind of thermostat?
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    1 Gallon Tank Heater for 1 gallon?

    Have any of you had one of those mini heaters by aqueon? Some of the reviews say it gets to hot?
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    1 Gallon Tank Heater for 1 gallon?

    Can anyone recommend a good heater for a one gallon setup?
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    Need help deciding which coarse sponge filter to choose for my tank

    Yeah I have would definitely go for the small, I’ve looked at these sponge filters before.
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    Plant id help

    Looks like a Huge crypt of some kind? Maybe bronze.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    RIGHT now it’s She’s So High by Tal Bachman
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    2 Part question about stocking and tank sizes and the nitrogen cycle

    I’m not sure about the stocking question (I haven’t Kemp most of those fish) but if you use the same filter it should work out okay, but I would feed lightly for a few days just in case. Also when you move the filter make sure you keep it running the whole time you are moving you fish and stuff...
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    Aquarium safe adhesive?

    I know this stuff is safe Super Glue Gel and I think aqueon sells a tube of aquarium adhesive Aqueon Silicone Sealant
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    Molly fry

    Sometimes they can seem like they stay the same size for weeks and then one day you look in and they are huge! What I would do is maybe take a picture once a week so you can look back and see their growth. It seems like you are feeding them plenty and you got a great setup
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