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    What do you feed your corals?

    I am going to be getting cats eye zoanthus and a green toadstool mushroom leather coral here in a few months after my tank gets establish good. Can i feed them frozen brine shrimp or frozen mysis shrimp?
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    Help choosing a background.

    Well, I ended up taking the background off and painting it black.
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    Help choosing a background.

    I started a 29 gallon fowlr and im loving it. I have a spare 29 that i was using for a freshwater breeder tank and i want to have another fowlr and after a year or so add a few coral and go from there. My first saltwater 29 and most of my freshwater tanks i paint black backgrounds on them but...
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    What is the best website to order corals from in the US?
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    Help with Macro algae

    Thanks for the help i went ahead and converted my AC70 and added filter floss and a coarse pad on the side where the water comes in. Can i add some of my smaller live rock to the bottom before i add the macro algae?
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    Help with Macro algae

    I am starting my first saltwater tank. I have a aqua clear 70 with no media running to help with flow and wanted to know should i put the macro algae in the tank or in the filter. I saw videos of people using it in the filter but not sure whats better. If it does go in the filter do i need to...
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    Help with 29 gallon saltwater tank.

    I am wanting to start my first saltwater tank. I got a 29 gallon tank ready to set up but was wanting to know if i have to put in some anemone in order to keep a pair of clownfish happy? And also whats a good cleanup crew that's compatible with the clowns? Thank you.
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    Ideas For My Filters

    I am running two bio wheel 350's on my community tank. On one filter i have put just sponges the aqua clear 70 fit perfect in there 2 on each side for a total of 4 sponges and the other i use a filter floss and a bag with a little carbon. I use the sponges just for the surface area as i have a...
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    Help With 29 Gallon Tank.

    thank you for the fast reply.
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    Help With 29 Gallon Tank.

    I just started to cycle a new 29 gallon tank and wanted to know if a dwarf blue gourami would be strong enough to go through the cycle or if i need to stock some guppy's or something to get it started? Also i plan to keep a DG, 5 guppys, and 8 albino cory cats. Does that seem like good stocking...
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    Best Place To Order Freshwater Fish Online?

    I am looking for a good online source to order from as my only local fish store's is the big pet co and pet smart and half of what i want they don't carry. Also along with the best place to order from is there any place that offers free shipping?
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    Hello There

    My name is James i am fairly new to the fish world. I have a koi pond with 8 koi, I have a 75 with 2 oscars, a 20 long with a red cherry shrimp colony, And a 55 with neons, albino cory cats, a peppered cory, and a angel. I am getting ready to set up my new 55 freshwater community tank soon.
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    Looking For Help Stocking My 55 Gal

    Thank you for taking the time to reply and help me with ideas..
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    Looking For Help Stocking My 55 Gal

    I am going to start up a new 55 gal tank soon and would like help choosing fish. I know i will have platy's a few balloon molly's and maybe a dwarf blue gourami. I want a nice community tank that is both peaceful and beautiful. I want the bottom middle and top to have fish. My other tanks are a...

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