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    Good enough filter for my 30 gallon?

    I appreciate everyone's concern but I'm upgrading soon, yes I always research before buying, Thanx.
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    Good enough filter for my 30 gallon?

    I have an Aquatech 30-60 , it filters 300 gph. I'm wondering if this is good enough?
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    Got a bag of play sand from home depot....

    Wjite sand Hi there I bought a 50 lb. bag of quickrete play sand it's been strained washed and dried , works just fine...Hope it works for you.
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    Question anyone know what he is?

    Hi theret's probably too late but I just bought a sleeper goby and he looks like him , except for the markings. He might be a freshwater goby, what kind i don't know. .
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    100 Gallon Tank 100-Gal indoor pond

    I hear ya columbianshark , I think we'll be able to get our cable shut off now that we watch the tank all the time, he he.
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    Cory Cat Shot

    Nice pic, You have any leopard cory cats?
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    29 Gallon Tank The Ole Wal-Mart Special

    Nice tank, welcome washpawryder
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    55 Gallon Tank New Guys on the Angel Tank

    Nice pics , I have 2 blue rams and 2 bolivian rams, I love 'em
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    What do you do with the basket that comes with?

    I got a plant at meijers and it has a basket, what do you do with the basket? Do you take it off to plant the roots in the gravel?
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    tiger barbs with albino and greens

    I had 2 tiger barbs and an albino tiger barb and one of myu tiger barbs jumped pujt of my lid to there death, make sure you cut down on all of the gaps or spaces between the filter or heater.
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    Penguin 350 For A 29 Tall??

    Would a BIO-Wheel 350 be to big or powerful for a 29 tall tank with smaller fish in it like tetras and clown fish and angel fish? We are just sitting up our first tank and we have a BIO wheel 150 but we want crystal clear water so maybe a bigger filter will help?? Thanks

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