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  1. molly is acting strange

    my molly seems better today, but the eye is the same. he is acting normal from what i can tell. can my other fish catch pop eye, and can it get better on its own?
  2. molly is acting strange

    thanks gunnie!! could my air stone have caused this, that is kinda what i took from the attached article you gave me? also. it says to lower the temp slowly, what is the lowest temp that is safe for the fish....from what i read it shouldnt go much below 76?
  3. molly is acting strange

    hi all!! molly is acting very weird, this morning until about 4:30 he was fine and now he is just laying at the bottom of the tank as if he is dieing :'( if i walk up to the tank where he is laying he gets more active nad swims around as if normal and ends up back where he started. i just...
  4. darn ammonia!

    the second gravel vaccuum was actuailly just me going over the top to get up some of the old food lying on the surface. i still have all the original filter media which i havent touched at all. im i throwing any clues to whats wrong lol? i am going to order some amquel tonight from petsmart, my...
  5. darn ammonia!

    thanks gunnie....yes i am using the aquarium pharmaceuticals freshwater master test kit. any ideas on why i am stalling? i know i asked this before but its your turn to humor me haha should i be vaccuming the gravel? i have done it twice, and not sure if i should? i have read that i should do...
  6. darn ammonia!

    i am still having trouble with my ammonia i have been doing 30% water changes everyday for over a week and i cant get it below 2.0. my nitrites are at .25 and nitrates are 5.0 so basicailly nothing has changed. i know i am still cycling but shouldnt i see a drop in ammonia with the water changes?
  7. i think i am ready !!!!

    sounds good, i am so glad i have you all to keep me on track and help me learn....thanks!!! so from what i understand my nitrates are ok, but my ammonia and my nitrites are still too high?
  8. i think i am ready !!!!

    i just tested my water today, and i think i may be ready for more fish but i want to know for sure before going to the pet store. my readings are this: pH - 7.0 nitrites - .25 nitrates-0...could be a little higher, but color wasnt near dark enough to be in the 5 range ammonia-2 should i pick...
  9. misled again by the pet store....i think

    thanks rose, i appreciate the help!! i will do a water change tomorrow and test again. i also started an excel spreadsheet to document my test results to have them as a quick referance and a log.
  10. misled again by the pet store....i think

    here are my readings from my first test: pH - 7.2 Ammonia - 4.0 Nitrites - 0.25 Nitrates - 5.0 The tank has been set up for about two weeks with two 20% water changes, do these test results seem right for a tank that has been set up for this long?
  11. misled again by the pet store....i think

    my kit just showed up today, so hopefully i will be posting the readings tonight....stay posted
  12. misled again by the pet store....i think

    me again ;D i was at the local pet store yesterday and i mentioned that i vaccumed the gravel as i was doing my first water change ant the guy told me i did the wrong thing and "set my cycle back at least a few days" this true? from what i can put togeather from other posts i should vaccum...

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