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  1. Driftwood Issue

    Thank you I may have to try that. I have a smaller aquarium I think it’ll fit in that I could try pouring boiling water over it
  2. Driftwood Issue

    Oh I wish I could but it’s to big it won’t fit
  3. Driftwood Issue

    I actually turned the filter back on
  4. Driftwood Issue

    Thank you. Also how long will it need to soak before it will get water logged enough not to float up every time I take the rock off
  5. Driftwood Issue

    i was given a piece of driftwood that I want to prepare for my aquarium. I have soaked it almost two weeks now. But I’ve noticed the water has an oily slimy like stuff on it. Is that normal? How long do you soak it? It’s in an inactive aquarium because it’s the only thing that was large enough...
  6. What Is Wrong With My Platy’s Head

    Should I treat the entire aquarium since they have all been together for quite sometime?
  7. What Is Wrong With My Platy’s Head

    Ive included pics, Ive noticed she has a whit spot on her head. It appears like scales are missing. It doesn’t look fluffy or like it is growing at this point. But i am wondering if anyone has any ideas what it may be. She is still swimming and feisty as ever.
  8. Lighting For My Tank

    I’m definitely ok branching into that area. Any recommendations on good places to purchase?
  9. Lighting For My Tank

    so I have a 125 gallon aquarium with a hood on it. I’m wanting to transition it to LED lights that preferably have a timer and a night light. I’m wanting recommendations on mountable LED lights or ideas to add to my current hood. I want something that will work well to turn my large tank into a...
  10. Please Help Id

    Until I can find somewhere for them would they be better off with the plecos in the largest tank?
  11. Please Help Id

    Thank you guys
  12. Please Help Id

    When I bought my 30 gallon aquarium I was given this pair of fish that was already in it. There was also a gourami and several other fish in the tank at the time. What exactly are these?! I tried to get several different angles. I am assuming that they are going to need to be in a larger...

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