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    Can Someone Help Me Understand Redox Potential?

    Yes a high potential does describe that. However it does not necessarily mean that it isn't stable. The keyword here is potential... It's not an acting force, just something that had the potential to.
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    How Do Bacteria Handle A Once Per Week Ammonia Boom?

    Many of the tanks I install for people with such water conditions, I often install a 'pre-filter' solution for them. While high ammonia can be solved easily, introducing it in such quantity weekly will stress an entire ecosystem, not only your bacteria cultures. Look up ways to do this...
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    Can Someone Help Me Understand Redox Potential?

    Okay, chemical science and botanist here. Brace yourself. Redox potential basically means the reduction and oxidation ability of a solution. A good example of how this works is in batteries, so I'll go along with that example and you can apply it to your situation. Reduction potential, or a...
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    Tall Plants For A Tall Plants?

    Very late reply, I know Just keep in mind if you're running an air stone it may limit your choice of plants since you're enduring a faster rate of gaseous exchange. Any stem leading plant will be good for dense forest kind of look, my personal favourite is rotala, but ludwigia and bacopa are...
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    Tall Plants For A Tall Plants?

    There are a number of plants you could use, it simply depends on what you're looking for. Do you want something like a moss or fern? That will kind of sway in the current? Or perhaps you're looking for something like a sword? I would suggest reading up on those and deciding which you'd like...
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    How Did You Get Into Fish Keeping?

    Decided I really really hated Architecture, became a Zoologist and Botanist instead. Led me to aquariums.
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    Metronidazole To Treat Fish

    Precisely this. Lets try to keep this drug as effective as they are now.
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    Metronidazole To Treat Fish

    Metranidazole is a generic form of antiprotozoal substance that is not only used in aquariums. It is a worldwide "drug" used to treat nematode and protozoan (primarily) infections in humans and other livestock. This drug is just about as effective as it gets in treating internal parasitic...
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    Fish Parasite

    In what units are your hardness measures? ppm? dH? In general, I also don't like to use or recommend the use of aquarium salt as it is almost always unnecessary. However given that you have only livebearers who do tend to favour it slightly more, you may use a VERY small amount. I would...
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    Dh/gh/kh Confusing

    Although I wrote that a very long time ago, it still does apply to your issues here. While some folks may so that freshwater fish cannot go from hard to soft, this is not entirely true, particularly for the example you mentioned being live bearers. Freshwater fish live in circumstances where...
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    Fish Parasite

    This sounds quite normal, especially with feeding veg. Fish do not have the ability to break down chlorophyll, and many fish can't break down pectic substances either (found in large quantities in plant material). The presence of transparent poop would then lead me to believe that they are...
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    Danio Species Id

    This is true. The genomics of subspecies level organisms are still in debate, even on an animal level (so imagine a plant level). Basically, subspecies or not subspecies... They can be treated exactly the same.
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    Fish Parasite

    despite the worrying faecal length and consistency for a livebearer, they all seem to have good weight, size and posture. A lot of problems can develop from treating a condition that doesn't actually exist. Remember that your tank, no matter the size is an ecosystem (efficient or not). Rather...
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    Is It Bad...

    Bigger house?? My friend you've just got to utilize the space better!
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    Gh/kh Questions And Explanations

    I would recommend an even further greater WC. Get the temp matched, and mix up a 75% if you're confident enough.

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