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    20 Gallon Tank New fish keeper! Got some questions

    Not sure if someone already said this but I just wanted to add that it looks like you have Java fern planted into the substrate. If their rhizomes are buried then the whole plant will die. You can bury just their roots or tie them onto your hard scape instead. It looks great otherwise, I love...
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    Is it possible to have ANY tankmates with my betta, in a 3 gallon?

    A 3 gallon is too small for a betta by itself. If I were you I’d just wait until you upgrade to a 10 gallon before you add any tank mates. If you’re totally set on getting tank mates right now then I would do an amano instead of a Nerite snail because of their low bio load.
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    15 Gallon Tank He’s a happy boi

    I no longer have this betta, but he was a pro at making bubble nests! His were always huge and were made in a few hours. The only one that stayed together for long is when he was sick and in quarentine, probably because of the still water.
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    Help, white patch on black moor goldfish

    What size tank/tanks are they all in? And what do you mean by one cup of water 3x a week, do you mean the literal measurement a cup? This was most likely caused by bad water quality, do an 80% WC on all of your tanks, because the water is probably bad in all of them. Then purchase a test kit...
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    Help, white patch on black moor goldfish

    Please can you fill out the emergency template
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    Is my 20 Gallon tank overstocked?

    I would do 50%. If you want to be sure you should use a test kit
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    Banned / illegal plants 2021

    Yesterday a google search told me that hygrophila polysperma is illegal to import, sell or buy all over the US. I was really bummed.
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    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    I made these vegan donuts today! They’re baked not fried and they were SO GOOD. Used this recipe, it’s not vegan but its easy to tweek it. - No-Knead Donuts (Baked Not Fried) - Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking My moms pic vs mine lol.
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    Eggs on Guppy Grass

    That’s a bladder snail. Remove any snails and eggs as well as the plants the they came on until you decide if you want them or not.
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    Eggs on Guppy Grass

    What’s the stocking of the tank?
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    Khuli Loaches get in filter EMERGENCY

    Float the container in the tank to match the temp and then get a pre filter sponge to block the fish from getting stuck. If you have to order one you can temporarily use a rag towel or cloth to tie to the intake. Don’t lower that water level because I think that will damage the motor if it’s...
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    10 Gallon Tank How many neon tetras can I fit?

    Most that I know about this hobby is from spending a lot of time here on fishlore, not from experience. I’ve never kept neons before so if others who have say that 10 gallons is too small, I would take their advice over mine.
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    10 Gallon Tank How many neon tetras can I fit?

    If it’s densely planted I would stay around 8-10. It’s better to stay under stocked though so I’d do 8.
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    My betta's scales are turning black/white or are coming off

    This is likely just because of bad water parameters. Because you didn’t have a test kit her water has probably been bad for a while. That would explain the constant coming up for air; prolonged exposure to ammonia will damage their gills and suffocate them. However coming up for air every 5 mins...
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