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    Question About Endler Stocking

    What is the tank size? Water parameters? Male Endlers are somewhat aggressive,but not to the point to where it becomes The Hunger Games.Depending on your experience,I would say keep about 40-50;with a lot of water changes that is.You could probably sell the rest to a LFS for about fifty...
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    Dying Guppies

    Figure out the sexes first.If you have the 1:2 ratio,you should be fine.If you don't,with decent filtration and water changes you should be able to add two more of whatever you need. Poor water quality could've also been a culprit.
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    Dying Guppies

    That is probably correct.The ratio of male to females should at least be 1:2,to maintain a low aggression level and to get the best chance of breeding.
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    Dying Guppies

    Water parameters? What is the ratio of male to females?
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    Paradise Fish

    Definitely upgrade to at least a 20gal;it'll be easier to keep since you're a beginner
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    White Mold Appearing On Pellets

    Like everyone else said,completely normal.
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    Excessive Filterarion!!! Can It Be A Problem?

    Yes,you are correct @BeanFish
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    Excessive Filterarion!!! Can It Be A Problem?

    I never said replace,I said reduce.
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    Excessive Filterarion!!! Can It Be A Problem?

    Excessive filtration is NEVER,EVER a bad thing.It'll actually reduce water changes and the current will allow oxygen to exchange at the surface.
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    I Wanna Know What These Plants Are.

    Where did you get/find it?
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    Is My Betts Sick?

    He is most likely stressed out.I would imagine you don't have a test kit,If you do,test the water for Ammonia,Nitrite and Nitrates.If you don't,do a 50-75% water change. Sorry,even if you do have a test kit,do a water change
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    Platy Fry Breeding - Need Two Of The Same Kind?

    I would say yes.The same thing happened to me,I got a Mickey Mouse Platy and she gave birth to Mickey Mouses even though there were about 5 other species of Platies in the same tank.Like @Floundering_Around said,if you want to keep the strain,get another one just to be safe.
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    Is My Betts Sick?

    Wdym a film? Does the white stuff around him look fuzzy?
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    Raised Scales

    Yes,sorry to say,it has Dropsy.There is no cure.

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