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    So pretty

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    November 2020 - Aquarium of the Month

    16 gallon cherry shrimp tank
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    November 2020 - Aquarium of the Month

    50 gallon planted
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    16 gallon cherry shrimp tank

    They really like Shrimp Fit
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    Show off your fish tank!

    My new 50 gallon.
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    Are live plants expensive?

    In my experience prices depend on how many you kill. Or maybe that’s just me. Over here. Killing plants regularly. Mostly kidding. I had a steep learning curve. I’ve bought a lot of plants on here and they have definitely been the healthiest on arrival. Greenpro on Amazon has been hit and miss...
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    Should I add more ammonia?

    Thanks! I moved two filters from my other tanks to this one. So, it has cycled fast, but I think I’m going to wait to put the fish in until next week. The python vac should be here Monday. I’m going to do a big water change Tuesday and then put the fish in if the parameters are good. Water...
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    Should I add more ammonia?

    I added Thrive last week. The only thing I can think is that the nitrite was converted into nitrates really fast. The timing is bizarre. I ordered a python to make water changes easier so I can do them more frequently. I’m going to add more ammonia and test frequently until the python arrives...
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    Should I add more ammonia?

    So I’ve set up a heavily planted 50 gallon. I had an enormous nitrite spike, nitrates were up to 40ppm. I did a 75% water change yesterday, and let it sit overnight. Today the nitrates are off the chart! My tap water is 5ppm for nitrate. I’m wanting to move some of my fish from a 30 gallon in...
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    Want To Buy Hornwort

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    Want To Buy Hornwort

    I’m not looking for much, two or three stems would be enough. They don’t need to be very long, I just want to float them in my betta tank. Thank you!
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    Walstad bowl journal

    So it’s been almost a month. There was some floating dirt that got left behind as water evaporated. Wiped that off with a wet paper towel. Topped off the bowl and the vase. Plants are doing well. I do 4 hours of light, 4 hour siesta, and then another 4 hours of light. Snails hitched a ride on...
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    Bolivian rams with gourami?

    I’m keeping 3 pearls with a Bolivian ram in a 29 tall. I would not recommend it. The temp is at 76, and that is at the extreme end for both species. I’m setting up a 60 gallon for the pearls. They’re all doing fine, but I’m tired of the close monitoring of parameters that is required. I feel...
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    Walstad bowl journal

    So, actually a bowl and a vase. Still need to clean up the dirt that was displaced when I filled the bowl and vase. This is my first attempt at the Walstad method. No filter, no heater, no CO2. Room temperature is 70 degrees F. Plants in the bowl: Rotala, Pogo. Octopus, Brazilian Pennywort, and...
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