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    Bombing with plants: Walstad inspired tetra tank

    Very nice I also have a dwarf lily in my 56 gallon I grew it from a bulb have had lots of growth from it but it hasn't bloomed yet
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    my fish keep dying could it be due to the substrate?

    Have you been cleaning the gravel? I would also recommend getting ur own liquid test kit so you can no what the parameters are and so you can put them on here so we can help you find what it might be the test kit I would recommend is the api freshwater master test kit
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    The newest version of my 100 gallon

    The tank looks really nice
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    owain's tanks

    i was treating the fish instead of adding a air stone i lowered the water to get more surface agitation from the spray bar they are better now and i have filled it back up to the rim. sorry i didn't reply sooner i have been quite busy with work and haven't had a chance to come on here.
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    owain's tanks

    i have now set up a pressurized co2 system on my 56 gallon planted tank i am using a sodastream cylinder because it was cheaper and i dont have room for a bigger cylinder this one only just about fits because of the extension lead and air pump.
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    Guess what I found at petco??

    I don't see my assassin snail (Ezio Auditore) very much he likes hiding in the sand
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    owain's tanks

    here is a pic of my 56 gallon and a video of me hand feeding my tiger barbs and here is a couple pics of one of my male guppies that i got threw breeding he has a lovely blue/green tinge to him when in the light. he is a cross between a...
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    56 gallon update

    the tiger barbs are doing really well here is a video of them after feeding them they have started to eat out of my hand will try and get a video of it when i next give them there tubifex worms also will be getting more tiger barbs tomorrow
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    Do you mean wheep not wheek I had 2 piggies that looked like albster
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    is this a dwarf lily or a red tiger lotus?

    thought it might be a dwarf lily but wasn't shore coz they do look sort of similar to me from the pics i have seen tiger lotus is also a type of lily so yeah definitely a lily
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    Do you keep your tank in your room? And how loud is it?

    I have all 3 of my tanks in my room the nosiest bit is the water trickling from the canister filter but that is not that loud though i find it very relaxing lisening to it. I have a allpondsolution canister filter on my 56 gallon and some fluvlal internal filters in my 10 and 56 gallon and I...
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    is this a dwarf lily or a red tiger lotus?

    is this a red tiger lotus or a dwarf lily? it has got a lily pad it is sending to the surface i can just about see in the curled up lily pad it looks like it has a pink edge and green middle and darker red spots on it thanks in advance for your help x
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    20 Gallon Aquascape...UPDATED PICS!

    looks really awesome
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    Owain's aquariums

    a quick video after giving my tiger barbs tubifex
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    Owain's aquariums

    added some driftwood and some more tiger barbs to my 56 gallon had to borrow some rocks from the other side of the tank to stop the wood from floating

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