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  1. Black spots on/near front of African cichlids!! Help please!!

    Thanks for the tips! And here is the best picture I could take... Just in case anyone else has any thoughts... But I will follow through with Rob Hill's advice.
  2. Black spots on/near front of African cichlids!! Help please!!

    So about 4 day ago I noticed a handful of black spots on 2 of my acei's in my fish tank. I remember once from a long time ago hearing that it could be scabs from digging in gravel but I'm not sure. I decided to wait but I still decided I should do at least something so I added salt. but...
  3. Do red cherry shrimp need an airstone?

    Ich dies at 83.5 degrees. If your round that makes it 84 but most thermometers/heaters are inacurate by about +-2 degrees hence Aquarist48 just telling you to use 86 to be safe. I wouldn't recommend medicine to cure ich either. Like the others said, ich will die with heat. If your heater won't...
  4. Diy ideas

    I know this is an older post but i read this and thought dennis should know... i love your quote
  5. Are Nano tanks harder to keep than big tanks?

    I used to like nano tanks too... until i wend diving in cozumel... fishies like their room to swim ... but don't let me be a downer lol...
  6. Silver Dollar Help : / sick?

    Ok so I know that silver dollars aren't tetras but I couldn't figure out where to ask... but hey they both school right? ;D Anyways on to the question... My silver dollar (about 5-6 years so i know he's getting up there : ( ) is beggining to have some black patterns on his side. Its...
  7. Light Replacement

    Ya that was just a typo ^^ but thanks for your help ... I'm not giving up yet... I'll find a solution... my goal is <$40 led solution... we'll see how that goes... Thanks again. : )
  8. Light Replacement

    Take a look at page three on . This definitely peaks at 465-475... What do you think? (note: the led's in the bulb are the same tech specs except that they are weaker in intensity)
  9. Light Replacement

    Im not sure as it doesn't offer much info on the pakage... but it definately is white or cool white... If I had to guess... it would be 5000k plus... The color looks identical (with my eyes anyways) to this. Though this tank does have brighter bulbs...
  10. Light Replacement

    I currently have 2 10watt CFL Full spectrum Aquarium bulbs... Plants grow happily in there but annual fee of replacing these two guys is about $12 I was wondering if this would do the job equally well... I read on wiki that my bulbs should have about 450-650 lumens... beats that... And would...
  11. Troubleshooting a DIY chiller concept.

    I have a 10 gallon tank and I don't feel like swaping out frozen water bottles or ice cubes to chill it. It is about 86... There are no living creatures in there but eventually I would like there to be... What if I took and rigged it to cool the tank... It says it can cool the coke to 47... maybe it...
  12. Cross Breeding Question

    I was just informed that my yellow labs are labidochromis Caeruleus And the Electric Blue's are Ahli Haplochromis Sorry for my noobish mistake ^^ but actually, in my defense, thats how they were labled at petco and they looked identical soo lol Thanks for ya'lls help! : )
  13. Cross Breeding Question

    Electric Blue labs.
  14. Cross Breeding Question

    I have searched for hours and I cant find out if Electric Blues and Electric Yellow labs interbreed. They live happily together and only really notice their own breeds but I have 3 batches of babies. 1 I know is from an Electric Blue pair and they are dark grey babies. 1 I know is from an...
  15. Is Epoxy Safe for DIY projects?

    let it soak for 48hours and you'll be fine.

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