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    Calling vets? Have some questions about my senior cat.

    I'm not a vet but I have 15 years experience dealing with newborn kittens thats been orphaned, pregnant cats, neglected, sick, hurt and current cats have been rescued from a neglecting home and a stray thats been caught in a pretty bad trap I've been caring for. I've also delt with...
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    Shrimp changing color

    I got 3 shrimp a couple days ago a blue one a red one and a clear one with black on top. Now the black is turning blue and is now identical to the blue one is this normal?
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    Welcome! I hope you like the community! We tend to be very friendly and willing to help
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    Help please, gourami fungus

    Omg please fill out the emergency template we can find what caused this!
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    Pregnant Guppy not eating or moving much

    Um...thats a platy not a guppie... Copy over the emergency template and fill it out
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    Im thinking abought beeding guppies

    I was worried abought that if it helps it was the purple mosaic delta tail with dombo ears i found a seller and I just fell in love.
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    Im thinking abought beeding guppies

    I'm in need of money and willing wait for the money to start coming in. I have a 10g and breeder boxes already. I've had success for the breeding of my guppies but I'm thinking a ought buying these purple deltas and is that a good idea? If not any other ideas on how to make money i can't get a...
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    2 pregnant guppies have birth to 1 fry each

    I think its down to genes how fertial the fish is. I got all my females from the same person and all of them hade 1-3 max at a time there whole life I know they weren't eating fry cause even when a newborn fry was informed the post labor mother she would not eat it its caused I raised her...
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    55 Gallon Tank White bumps on angelfish head

    i agree with coralbandit it dose look to be the beggining of HLLE. this coule help in the longerun and prevent more imageries but maybe separating male and female unless there spawning the male will still bully her. for sure increase vitamins. I LOVE the flake food that is sold by Angels plus...
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    New glitch? are pop up ad permanent?

    im not the most well versed in computers but is your anti-virus up to date?
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    55 Gallon Tank White bumps on angelfish head

    sometimes you need the cause to find the consiquence please fill out the emergency template. it will put us in the wright direction
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    I can try and draw your fish

    Thank you! It looks great!
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    New to FishLore

    My betta has the same name! and welcome!
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    Can dwarf shrimp be kept with angels

    1 I love that picture that angel got one heck a personlity to be that dedicated! more dedication than my borderline stocker ex! 2. I understand I was afrade. i was just wanting to know if it was posibyl cause they realy dont have a back up home. i guess i could put them with my betta but idk...
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    Can dwarf shrimp be kept with angels

    i got a 10g rn but im hoping to move to a 29 before the end of the year. in that tank im gonna put a angel. i plan on rather heavy plants so i was just wondring if i can carry my 3 shrimp over. if i can it can help contribute to my essay im wright to get the tank,50 pages so i if i can extend it...
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