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    Most Peaceful Gourami?

    Depends how peaceful you want them (and if you want dwarfs)! I am currently keeping chocolates, sparklers and licorices and my licorice are definitely the most peaceful- they're in their own tank with shrimp and snails. Downsides are I don't think they would do well with other fish, only eat...
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    Going to my first ever fish expo!

    I would love to one day! I know there are lots of fish expos in America and a few in Europe (that I know of) but I don't know of any in Australia? There probably are some though so it'd be worth me looking into lol
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    Anyone ever have somone ship you an animal without your concent?

    Not me personally, but I've seen lots of people buying pets for their children. I don't mind that one too much as long as the parents are aware that they may have to end up solely taking care of the animal and are happy to do so. Another common one I see is people getting a fish for someones...
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    Going to my first ever fish expo!

    A little jealous :p I've never been to one either! You'll have to update us how it goes and take some pics! Have fun!!
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    29 Gallon Tank Not cycled enough?

    This might not be the answer you're looking for but I find when cycling tanks you actually want ammonia at first. Without ammonia there is nothing for the bacteria to 'eat'. Once it starts building up, usually bacteria can start to establish. If you start to see cloudy water that's a good sign...
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    Fish dying in 40 gallon tank

    Sorry to hear that you've lost some fish :( Yes, most fish are quite happy to help you 'clean up' the bodies without a trace... At the moment, water quality is probably the issue. Have you tested your water today? If so, can you post the parameters here? It'll allow us to help you better. Can...
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    New Blood In The Tank

    So exciting! It's so fun to watch them grow!
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    New Oscar owner seeking HELP!

    Ive got 3 oscars, 2 are tigers and one is albino in a 7ft (nearly 300gallons) and they get along fine. I'm assuming I only have 1 sex as I've never seen eggs or breeding attempts which is probably working in my favour. I keep them really well fed to reduce aggression as well. In my experience...
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    Just sharing my cutie new baby goldie

    He's so cute! Love the little speckles
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    Is my tank safe?

    I find the API test so difficult to tell between the different ammonia levels - especially the lower ones if it makes you feel any better! If you've recently done a water change and your water has a bit of ammonia in it and used conditioner like prime which binds to ammonia, it will still give...
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    Stocking decisions!

    So I've got a tank a bit less than 50 gallons. Dimensions are 3ft by 1.5ft x 1.5ft. It's moderately planted at the moment but will be on the heavier planted side once I've got all the plants and they've grown out. So far I have: 2x sparkling gourami, 5 x ottos, 2 x peppered corydoras, 11x ember...
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    Any idea what might of happened?

    I'm no goldfish expert so would love someone else to jump in and correct me if I am wrong! Depending on how small the little balls were, they sounds like goldfish eggs. C might've been a girl. If she was particularly swollen or bloated, egg binding could be a possibility however I think I read...
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    Otocinclus, Hardy or nah?

    In my experience I haven't lost many and even had some of my females carrying eggs! I think you just need lots of plants - my guys prefer broadleaf ones- a decent amount of algae to start them off with (just to get them initially eating) and the numbers. I would personally not clean the glass...
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    Used prime for water change, snails freaking out!

    I remember when I had a mystery. I partially used him as a water change indicator lol. Whenever he got a bit sluggish I knew it was time for a water change! As soon as I had done one, he would be active and what seemed to me as happy again! I always just assumed it was because they (and other...
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    I have 3 full grown sparklers in one tank and 6 licorice gouramies of which I have 1 known male in the tank next door. The sparklers are happy in their planted community tank and have lots of amazon frogbit which I've found is great to encourage them to breed. Since I've had 1 pass, they aren't...
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