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  1. 55 gallon and 29 gallon for sale

    No longer for sale
  2. 55 gallon and 29 gallon for sale

    I have these tanks just south of Olympia Washington if anyone is close. The 55 gallon has a heater and filter with it and the 29 gallon is just the tank. Make an offer

    Oh yeah, I’m on Hawaii island. Thanks for the thought though.

    Does he have a store open to the public? What side of the island is he located?

    #51 HiloBay Very nice of you for doing this.
  6. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    Yes, one male swordtail. Along with: 1 gourami 12 glowlight tetras (lost a few during my vacation) And now 6 otos as of today
  7. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    Would I still be able to get otos?
  8. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    The younger male turned out to be a monster. Pretty sure it caused the female to jump out of the back of my tank. Then saw it constantly chasing the other male. So the aggressor has been sentenced to life in the pond with the goldfish. Think I’m going to get about 6 otos today. Maybe two...
  9. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    That’s fine, I mainly got them for their striking color. Any fry that survive will either be sold or used to stock my pond.
  10. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    Will do
  11. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    Bought three black swordtails. For sure one male and one female. The third is tough to tell, maybe a juvenile male.
  12. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    How does this sound for a final sticking list? 13x glowlight tetra 1x honey gourami 1x apistogramma agassizii ~6x otocinclus 3x molly or swordtail or platy
  13. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    I decided to get a honey gourami today. Will post pictures later tonight or tomorrow. Also might have found a lfs that periodically gets the fire red apisto
  14. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    The problem is that Aqua bid sellers won’t ship to Hawaii due to strict regulations on animals and plant importing. My only hope is a fish store to ship it in with their permit I kind of like the honey gourami, but I’m just not a huge fan of guoramis in general. If I can find a nice looking...
  15. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    If I get a pair of blue rams would there be room for an apisto in the future? The tank is still new and the plants are still settling, but it will eventually have both sides dominated by Amazon swords and the middle a forest of stem plants(I think bacopa)

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