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  1. Pearl Gourami With Much Smaller Fish?

    I had a pearl with some endlers and he never ate them but he did like to chase them around to the point of them hiding. I finally rehomed the pearl and everyone is out and about again.
  2. Stocking A 20 Gallon Tank

    I've found opaline or blue gouramis are better than the pearls. Pearls get larger and are very skittish
  3. Floating Plants.

    Bumping as I'm curious as well for my pearl gourami
  4. How Long Does It Take To Seed A New Filter?

    Now I've noticed a loud noise coming from it. It's constant and is kind of humming but kind of like the last little bit of water being sucked up by the drain in a bath tub? Any ideas? It's annoying at night lol
  5. How Long Does It Take To Seed A New Filter?

    The old cartridge didn't fit too well so I used wire cutters to snip it in half. I'll attach a picture. But in doing so it blocked some of the flow and I was scared to add even more stuff like the charcoal for fear of flooding lol. I had it in the front but that was way worse so hopefully it...
  6. How Long Does It Take To Seed A New Filter?

    Yes it's stocked and has been cycled for almost a year now. I just wanted to upgrade the filter. I suppose I'll just leave it the way it is now lol. Thanks
  7. How Long Does It Take To Seed A New Filter?

    I got an aquaclear 50 yesterday for my 20 gallon tall. I cut half of the filter cartridge from my old one and stuck it in to help seed it as I couldn't fit both of the filters on the back of the tank with the lid fitting. (I have cats so they'd totally jump in or grab fish, I need a lid for sure...
  8. Moving A 10 Gallon Tank

    I have a tank in my kitchen and I enjoy in there. I would maybe move the rocks out if they're a decent weight as to make it lighter and less stress on the bottom. And I'm pretty sure the filter will be fine for a little bit. You could keep the filter media wet in the bucket with your fish if you...
  9. New Cories

    I would maybe start vacuuming a little more. I don't think it's necessarily bad though. If your plants seem to miss it though maybe go back to doing less?
  10. 20 Gallon; Need Help Stocking!

    Yeah for sure! My specific store you call Thursday, they order them Friday, and by Tuesday the following week the fish are there in store.
  11. First-time Betta Build

    I really like anubias and the sponge filter I just put in my five gallon. Snails and moss balls are cool too, I like netrites the most. Edited to say maybe avoid sand as bettas sometimes eat it. Black substrate always looks nice in a planted tank and makes everything really pop.
  12. 20 Gallon; Need Help Stocking!

    Petco has the capability of ordering fish that aren't always in their usual stock. I've seen honey gouramis at mine so I'm sure they're at least on their list.
  13. Zebra Danios Tank Mates

    I've had them together before and I agree. The danios are little maniacs and definitely bugged the gourami.
  14. All About Female Bettas?

    Oh I didn't know that how interesting! I'll start with the frozen brine shrimp then and see how that goes. Thank you for all of your advice and input! Holes are looking about the same so I might go ahead and get some medicine the next time I'm out as well.
  15. Buying Fish Online?

    I know manzanita driftwood has some sterbai in stock and their shipping is really reasonable!

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