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    How many Cichlid's can be in a 125 Gallon?

    Got it. Understood. Which is more active and recommended? Mbuna? I'm assuming because they seem to be more active and swim through rocks. Which one is also the least aggressive? Out of the 3.
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    How many Cichlid's can be in a 125 Gallon?

    Well you could do a mix of Haps and Mbunas and Peacocks correct? I've seen it done before.
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    How many Cichlid's can be in a 125 Gallon?

    Hello, I have been wondering how many Cichlids can be kept in a 125G aquarium. The type of Cichlids would be Peacocks, Mbuna, and Haps. I did ask a question similar to this and was not able to find an answer. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
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    Cichlid Swimmimg Issues?

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 125G How long has the tank been running? 1+ year Does it have a filter? (2) AC 110's & FX6 Does it have a heater? (2) Heaters What is the water temperature? 83°F What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) Blue Polar...
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    Same equipment for different tanks?

    Hello, I recently have been wondering about this topic lately. I have mutiple tanks, a breeder tank, fry tanks, cichlid community tank, community tetra planted tank, and a flower horn tank. Now the question is. Can I use the same siphon, water bucket, nets, pumps etc. For things like water...
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    Male or Female? Need Help Sexing.

    Hello everyone, just trying to figure out here if my Yellow Tail Aci is a Male or Female it seems there is one yellow spot on the bottom of his fin if you look closely enough. The Yellow Lab I have no idea I believe it is a Female this one is smaller than the other which is bigger & and we...
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    Short Body or Long Body Flowerhorn?

    Do you think I could have a male in there to pair with her in the 75G tank? Or I have a 90G tank but its not as deep.
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    Planted community tank stocking?

    Gotcha any suggestions if I don't go with cardinal tetras? And how many angel fish would you recommend? What about more dwarf cichlids? Or would that be a bad idea because of territory because I have the parrots and the bolivian rams?
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    Planted community tank stocking?

    Well they are very tiny there they couldn't get a rasbora would there be an issue with the cardinal tetras since they are roughly the same size or try to find older ones if I do go?
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    Planted community tank stocking?

    Oh I forgot to mention I also have 2 snow white parrot cichlids would that be of any issue? They are definitely very peaceful.
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    How Many African Cichlids in a 125G Aquarium?

    Hello everyone! Just fixed my aggression issue with removing all females and convicts and now I'm just wondering as to how many adult size African Cichlids I would be able to have in my 125G tank. I am thinking about in the future as far as when everyone is grown. I will most likely be sticking...
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    Planted community tank stocking?

    Could I add cardinal tetras to my tank along with everything else? I will be getting more loaches because of schooling reasons along with corydoras. Would it be wise to get an angelfish?
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    Central American Cichlid Stocking 125G?

    I do apologize for the misleading information on saying CA Cichlids and saying Frontosa and Tropheus on the list being in another region. I was asking that as one of my questions if at least those were compatible with CA Cichlids. If not then I would re-home them like you mentioned. I posted my...
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    Central American Cichlid Stocking 125G?

    So ideally I should just rehome everyone except the BN pleco like they said I'm assuming? Or would anybody else be okay with them? Like maybe the rams?
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