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    Plecos to breed for profit (not BN)

    Ancistrus sp. Wabenmuster/Honeycomb and A. sp. Cheese Creek are becoming popular and usually sell at high prices.
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    Help sexing german blue ram

    The body shape, larger fins and dorsal spines and the lack of a pink belly.
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    Help sexing german blue ram

    It’s definitely a fully grown male.
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    Sunset Thicklip Female and Honey Gourami Male concerns

    I’ve had older females with the same coloration. The plumpness also makes me think female.
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    Cool easy wet pet for 29 gal?

    Paradise fish are tough as nails , don’t require heaters & look amazing when fully grown. Their only downside is that they’re jumpers.
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    Can Apistogramma Cacatuoides live with any other Chichlids?

    Apistogrammas are cave spawners. They won’t compete for breeding territories with open spawners like rams or Laetacara species.
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    What fish do I have?

    The dealer may have been telling a half-truth in that the fish are tetras from the Congo, just not P. interruptus. I purchased the fish in my avatar pic as a checkerboard barb.
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    Accidentally bought 2 male honey gouramis instead of one. Will they be fine

    The shape of the dorsal fin isn’t a reliable indicator of sex in honey gouramis; it’s the fin’s color.. A picture would be helpful.
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    What fish do I have?

    Perhaps a Micralestes species.
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    Is this a female gourami?

    Male honeys always have a lemon yellow dorsal, females have a thin orange border on theirs, even when they’re not fully colored up. It’s as simple as that.
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    What fish do I have?

    Definitely not juvenile Phenacogrammus interruptus.
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    What fish do I have?

    Could use a better photo . I can’t tell whether they have adipose fins or not.
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    20 gallon stocking ideas

    Black skirts grow a bit large for your tank. I suggest lemon tetras or head and tail lights.
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    60 Gallon Tank Blue Gularis Killifish Tank Mates (Tiger Barbs)

    Desmopuntius hexazona - just as attractive as tiger barbs, but calmer and more peaceful.
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    Barometric pressure drop giving my Barbs a headache???

    Dojo loaches used to be known as weather loaches. When barometric pressure drops, instead of hiding, they’ll swim erratically around the tank for most of the day.
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