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    Correction For Kordon Fish Protector - Important!

    Those instructions he gave were for regular fish protector. That is what he said in the last line of the green highlighted section. Your calculations look correct for the Pond Fish Protector.
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    Yet another betta!

    HI Rose, Congrats on Marty, III. He is a beautiful guy. I will keep him in my prayers until he is safely home in his tank and being spoiled by his new mommy!
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    BamBam the betta died

    Sorry to hear about BamBam. I know how hard it is when you lose your first. Don't give up though. There is another little one out there just waiting to come home with you.
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    This looks inhumnane.

    I am just surprised, and disappointed, to see something like this on the Drsfostersmith website. I have always considered their site reputable and a lot of us patronize them for our supplies and/or equipment.
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    Temperature Change

    Yes, it works exactly like the bio-spira. No, no water changes. It is an "instant cycle" just like the bio-spira. The first time I used it (that was how I finally got the tank cycled for LB) the tank was cloudy for the first 6 days. On the 7th, it cleared instantly. When I tested the...
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    Temperature Change

    Just to add on to this. In my quest to find Bio-spira, I went to a LFS that was supposed to carry it. They did not carry the Bio-spira, but they did have Turbostart 700. It works the same as the Bio-spira. I have used it twice to cycle my tank and it completes the cycle in exactly 7 days...
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    Tank heater

    It depends on the temperature of your house as well as how much it heats the tank. Monitor the temp closely the next few days at different times of the day. If you see the temperature fluctuating along with the temperature in the house, put the heater on a timer that corresponds to the timer...
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    Tank heater

    A 50W heater for a 2 gallon tank is too much wattage. You run the risk of cooking your fish. The rule is 5W per gallon. Wal-mart has some heaters that are only about 7W. That is what both of you need. Drs. Foster & Smith carries a 10W. Here is the link:
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    Betta Rescuer on Board, Get Out of my Way!!

    He's a beauty! He is a very lucky guy and he knows it. He was waiting for you to come back since he worked his wiles on you the first time you saw
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    Saw this last night........

    Has anyone seen this? I saw a commerical for it last night and couldn't believe my eyes. Designer Home????? When will enough be enough? There are going to be a whole lot of unhappy bettas this holiday season........
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    Will be gone for a little over a week soon, what to do with the bettas?

    Good point. Not sure how they are housed, but most campuses turn the heat down to the minimum. They will need heaters or it will get much too cold. As far as the food goes, they be fine without food for 6 days. Just feed them and do a water change on the day you leave and the day you come...
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    Will be gone a bit over the holidays

    I agree with all the others. They'll be fine.
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    Benji Has Passed

    Sorry to hear about Benji, Cherryrose. It's hard when you lose them.
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    Thinking of getting a snail for the betta tanks

    You may be right. My only point is, sometimes the LFS will tell you it is one species, and it turns out to be something else, so do the research so you know what you are getting. When it comes to snails and shrimp, I'm leary of trusting the LFS employee's knowledge.
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    Thinking of getting a snail for the betta tanks

    Make sure you research them thoroughly to make sure you know what type of snail you are getting. You could end up with an infestation of snails that could endanger your bettas. I know Rose lost one of her babies when the snails attached onto his fins and he couldn't go up for air. How...
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