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  1. Question Anyone Know About Diy Decor And Training Props?

    For hoop training I got those plastic dangly bird toys. You can take them apart or connect them together and teach your Betta to weave in and out of them.
  2. The beginning of a great friendship

    The beginning of a great friendship

  3. Aquaponics Tank Question

    This is the one I have
  4. Betta tank

    Betta tank

  5. Aquaponics Tank Question

    I have some water wisteria and it’s doing great in the tank and seems to be growing fast and some small grasslike plant that is starting to spread but I was worried about having too many plants in the tank because of its size and then decreasing the space for the Betta. The tank does a have a...
  6. Hi There To All The Fish Enthusiasts!

    Thanks! I’ll look into those also and post a pic of whichever one I adopt
  7. Aquaponics Tank Question

    I hadn’t been topping of my tank every other day so maybe I’ll try that as well and see if that helps. I have some lucky bamboo in mine but it’s mostly water I haven’t been topping off the water so I’ll try that. I have some lucky bamboo but I also have a lot of stem plants and they don’t seem...
  8. Hi There To All The Fish Enthusiasts!

    I’m not 100% sure but I do love the crowntail and half moon Bettas for their appearance but I really want one with a lot of personality. I’m not sure if some Bettas are know to have more of a personality than others or if it’s just more individualized per fish. I have koi and goldfish in an...
  9. Aquaponics Tank Question

    So I recently purchased and cycled a 3.5 gallon aquaponic tank for a Betta. I’ve never had an aquaponic tank before and I wonder if they require more water changes than just weekly changes because the plants are the filtration? My nitrate levels have been increasing over the past week even with...
  10. Hi There To All The Fish Enthusiasts!

    I’m new on here and just recently getting into Bettas and have found tons of great info here and wanted to join to be able to partake in some Betta enthusiasts knowledge! Super excited to have found this forum!

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