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    Swordtail with unusual back

    I have a koi swordtail and it seems to have a angled back. It doesn't seem distressed in any way and it gets along perfectly with everyone. Should I still be worried? Can I do anything to help?.
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    What is this? Help please

    I found this weird looking thing on the rim of my tank help! What is this.
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    HELP!! homemade breeder bag

    I recently found the Smallest baby swordtail ever. I tried putting it in both my breeder boxes but it is so small it fit through the holes in it. Can anyone help? (Finger for scale*)
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    NJ Biotope

    I am looking to make a NJ Biotope tank. Preferably freshwater. I have a 35.6 gallon shallow aquarium (36 x 18 x 13). I want some fish native to the pine barrens but I am having trouble finding some. I also am looking for native plants and such. If anyone can help It is greatly appreciated...
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    Clown killifish with swordtails

    I was looking at buying a group of clown killifish to my 36 gallon planted shallow tank. I would like to know if the Clown killifish would be ok with my Swordtails. And also how many killifish I should get. I have 9 swordtails (2 males, 7, female), 10 Cory catfish, 5 Oto. The tank dimensions are...
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    Is my snail being eaten!?

    I woke up this morning to see my mystery snail on top of my nerite snail. Is my nerite being eaten???
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    Mystery snail eating nerite?

    I recently wakes up into my room and saw my mystery snail on top of my nerite snail. I don't know if it was being eaten or what it was. I panicked and gently pulled them apart before I could take a photo. Does anyone know what was happening? And what should I do about it?
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    Betta flaring at wall

    Ive recently notice my Betta hanging around in one corner flaring himself at the wall. He has weird burst of aggressively n followed by flaring. He will then swim away they repeat over and over again. Why is he doing this?.
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    African Cichlid Mix

    I recently bought a bag of CaribSea African Cichlid Mix and would like to know how much this will increase my PH. I was going to use this for my Betta tank but don't know if Bettas can handle the PH if it raises. 1) will this raise my PH. If so what will it raise to. 2) if it raises the PH can...
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    Kuhli loach substrate

    I bought 3 kuhli loaches yesterday and without thinking about the substrate they can go in. I have eco complete black in one tank and eco complete red in another. The black seems more rough then the red one does. Should I return them or can I put them in the red eco complete.
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    Dead Cory

    I've had it for about a month now.
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    Dead Cory

    I have a 35 gallon shallow tank with a Aquaclear 50 and a Shark ADV 800. This morning I woke up to feed my fish and this Cory was just upside down. I looked at it and it showed no signs of illness or injury. Just changed my water yesterday. And tank is cycled. Nitrate was @ 10 ppm but as I was...
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    Betta with cardinal tetra

    I have a beautiful red white and blue Betta in a 5 gallon tank currently. I recently bought a 10 gallon tank for the Betta and am currently contemplating getting a few cardinal tetras with HIM. I just don't know if this will work out ok
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    Personable fish

    I'm looking for a fish with a huge personality. I have a 15 gallons and a 5 gallon. Preferable one fish for each. I am trying to stay away from puffers and Bettas because I already have some. But a fish that recognizes me, will beg for food and just has a big personality would be perfect. If...
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    Fish similar to a hillstream loach

    Im looking for a bottom feeder that is ok living alone because I'm looking for a small tank with just one bottom feeder (catfish, pleco loach) the max size of the tank would have to be 15 gallons. I love the look of the hillstream loach but I can't accommodate for the needs of it.
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