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  1. King Bettas?

    Hey everybody! I was wondering if anyone has any information about king bettas? Do they get really large? How is their life span and health? Are they prone to any health problems? I am moving in 2ish months and once I move and re-cycle my tank I am going to look for king bettas. I think he...
  2. Peepers Passed Last Night

    Oh my tank is a 20 gallon long but I'm not going to have another community tank. These fish I never wanted, my mom wanted them and when the guy came out to take all my dads fish she had him dump 7 tetras and 2 cories in my tank without even knowing if peepers was an aggressive guy or not LOL So i've...
  3. Peepers Passed Last Night

    I will be keeping my neons/cories for a month to kind of keep an eye on them then donate them to the little fish store near by as I don't want to take them with us when we move to another state. Once I donate them I will take down the tank, bleach it all, tanks, plastic plants, throw the gravel...
  4. Peepers Passed Last Night

    There was no ammonia, the perams are 0,0,10 taken from the day this all started. It is a heated and filtered 20 gallon community tank.
  5. Peepers Passed Last Night

    The problem is his tank is a community tank, 20 gallons with tetras and cories. I don't know what triggered it. His gills looked red when i looked at him but the tanks perams are perfect. 0,0,10. I don't know what caused it but i'm afraid for my other fish. I did have a few tetras die recently...
  6. Peepers Passed Last Night

    So Wednesday morning I noticed peepers looking a bit bloated looking. Didn't think anything of it just figured he over ate and decided I was going to fast him. By Wednesday night I noticed he was slightly pine coning. He didn't have an appetite and just stayed up at the top corners of the tank...
  7. I Created My Dream Tank

    Thanks! All from petsmart yes it is a aqueon 20 gallon long From petsmart Thank you everyone!
  8. I Created My Dream Tank

    So when i first got my 20 gallon my goal was to completely cover the side and back walls with plants. I tried, and tried, and tried with live plants. They would either die or just wouldn't create the right look. The plants I needed required things i couldn't provide. I finally gave up on...
  9. Betta With A Black Background

    Thank you. I watched him all day yesterday, he swims to the back on occasion but no flaring. I think he calmed down since living with other fish
  10. Betta With A Black Background

    I did it, i like the results. He looked at the background then swam away no aggression or anything. Although my cory cats that live with him are spazing from the major change. here is the result
  11. Betta With A Black Background

    Today I am rescaping my tank and I will put the background on to test it again. With me luck!
  12. Betta With A Black Background

    back in December I put up a black background, I loved the way it made the tank pop and it actually made the water look clear ( the tank is against a yellow wall which made the water have a yellow tint but it is clear clean water. At that time my plakat flared non stop at the background so I...
  13. Just Need A 2nd Opinion On Gender

    Yes, his eyes are covered by scales but they're kind of transparent. He can still see food fall on the far side of his 20 gallon tank.
  14. Just Need A 2nd Opinion On Gender

    He is a Plakat so either way it's hard to tell he/she does flare like crazy at the tetras only not at the cories(his bffs) and make bubble nests also on the rare occasion which also says nothing as females do also. Thats why i'm like "What are you!!!". What I ordered from Indonesia was a male...
  15. Just Need A 2nd Opinion On Gender

    Some people have told , he looks like a she and it just confuses me. What is he/she? sometimes i look at the shape of his body and think female, other times i think male.

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