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    Help with Mystery tetra

    I was studying it today and it does have a faint line on its side. i will see if I can find some costello tetras locally . I really like them and they school well with my rummy nose tetras. Thanks so much
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    Help with Mystery tetra

    I have glow light in the tank and they are not even close. My mystery fish is very silver and it looks like it has a light greenish sparkle line on the dorsal fin line. I know not a very good description but its the best I can give. I just looked at the Costello tetra and it does not have...
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    Help with Mystery tetra

    I got this guy from my supplier and he was in with the rummy nose tetras. Have not seen another one like it. Cant find another one like him. He has a great personality and I want more. can anyone help ID him for me. I have looked on line and everywhere. Thanks for the help.
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    Tiger Barb Laid Eggs. Will they hatch?

    within 2 days they will look like shards of glass and within 5 days they are free swimming. I needed a magnifying glass to see mine. I fed banana worms at 6 days. I have a well established tank with lots of live plants for infusoria. It works well for me.
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    Albino Tiger Barbs Spawning

    I cant wait till they are big enough to go in my main tank. They are almost 2 months. I hope by next month I can put them in. They are so friendly and active. I have some friends who want some so I may try it one more time. I just love my breeding pair.
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    Albino Tiger Barbs Spawning

    update I have 7 that have made it. They are so cute. I have the pair ready to spawn again
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    Important Emergency: My Tiger Barb is swimming is circles!

    My females do that right before they spawn.
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    Albino Tiger Barbs Spawning

    How often is this going to happen. It has been 2 weeks tomorrow since they spawned and they are at it again. All in the 125gal so I am working on raising the few I do have and not going to worry about these. the Angels are loving it
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    Help Please help Id this fish is it some kind of Goby?

    I have white cheeked gobies and they are so much fun. Body is the same but the markings are different. My male is the clown. Have fun with them.
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    Question Sera san... worth the money?

    I have some samples of the Sera San and My fish are crazy about it. I usually feed Omega One.
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    Albino Tiger Barbs Spawning

    They are on banana worms and doing great. I have a feeding frenzy when I put them in. I have another local breeder who uses them for his Tiger Barbs so we are sharing food. I have many more then I thought. I have live plants in the tank so they feed of the infusoria in there as well. They appear...
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    feeding rummy noses

    Mine never come to the top, they wait for the others to knock it down. My Angels and and Albino tiger barbs hit so hard they knock it off the top and they wait patiently under the others for their food to fall. They like brine shrimp and blood worms too.
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    Lost my 8 Y/O Emperor Tetra this morning

    :'( I lost my Emperor Tetra this morning. He was 8 years old and was alone for the last 5 years. I was hoping he would keep going but he looked very old and was not eating as well this last month. He will be missed.
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    Albino Tiger Barbs Spawning

    New pics at 5 Days WOW they are so cool free swimming all over now. They are starting to look like fish, And they love their food.
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    Transition from well to RO water.

    I use an R/O system and I fill old cat litter buckets. Yes I carry buckets but I have not had any sickness or ick since I switched. I am guilty and I heat a pitcher in the microwave to raise the temp in the bucket for the small tanks and for the 125 I take a pitcher form each of the 6 buckets...

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