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    Guppy Identification

    Those kinda look like a Tequila Sunrise Delta Guppy | fish Goldfish, Betta & More | PetSmart which are sold at my petsmart. Or maybe they are mutts, (assorted/fancy) with no certain breed. I agree with Macz, you should ask a local group.
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    Anyone Watch The Olympics?

    I liked fencing, Mountain biking, canoeing/kayaking.
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    Forum upgrade Friday 7/30

    Yeah, it says I have 67 best solutions. I'm pretty sure that's a glitch.
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    My first tank

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    Help choosing 40g stock

    Time to make it hard... I'd do option 1. Or 3 :)
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    5 gallon stocking?

    pm Pwilly07. He sells shrimp and keeps the culls in seperate tanks. I bet he'd be willing to sell some to you.
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    New here

    Welcome! What other fish do you keep?
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    No nitrites but have nitrates

    Welcome! You are correct, you're tank isn't cycled, but I don't know why it's not showing nirites. I'll tag mattgirl, maybe she'll know why.
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    Guppy dies after change in body color. Why?

    Welcome! I agree with all the others.
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    Wanting To Start Breeding Betta

    Step by Step guide to breeding Bettas | Betta Breeding Forum | 37434
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    New member

    Almost. It might be cycled, be probably better to wait to get ammonia down to 0.
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    New member

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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Got a light for my future planted betta 10, was getting sand to replace the gravel, but I need more. Water changes tomorrow.
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    New Fish Dad

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