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    Dropped a fork on my guppy on accident...

    Any odd behvaiours or swimming? If not, you've got nothing to worry about. I'd take him out of the net. It'll stress him out. If you want him to get better, just leave him alone if he's acting normal.
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    Betta and molly together

    Give it a go but make sure to keep an eye on them. If your molly is being chased or hiding I'd divide the tank or remove her. it really depends on your betta.
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    Fish with personality for 20 gal tank

    A group of honey gouramis would be gorgeous. They're the most peaceful things ever. A betta might also work but it's more risky.
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    15 Gallon Tank First tank advice

    Are you familiar with the nitrogen cycle? Sounds like your tank isn't cycled at all.
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    Newbie - help! stalled cycle?

    Those dead spots can just be cleaned up with regular vacuuming. Nothing to worry about. Your filter can handle the ammonia.
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    Newbie - help! stalled cycle?

    It's very common to exercise bettas like that. I have girls so I've never done it, but there's nothing wrong with it. It depends on the Betta. Some of them love it, it stressed out others. Depends on your guy. Don't worry.
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    Keeping daphnia outside

    I've kept a giant colony outside. Was incredible for a few weeks until the water bugs found it and bred. They are all the daphnia. Before that I could get hundreds with a single scoop. I definitely recommend trying it.
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    5 Gallon Tank Can a betta survive in the container below for 2 weeks?

    Your bettas wellbeing should be more important. If shrimp end up not working out, try something else. I don't think it's worth keeping a Betta in such, frankly, inhumane conditions. If you wanted shrimp, you should have waited before getting a Betta. Now that you have one, you have to be...
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    A quick update

    Stunning! Love the name as well.
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    10 Gallon Tank Foggy Water

    Your tank isn't cycled. Are you familiar with the nitrogen cycle?
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    5 Gallon Tank Can a betta survive in the container below for 2 weeks?

    Why not just cycle the tank with her in it? The water quality will still be a lot better than a coffee cup.
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    Newbie - help! stalled cycle?

    Time will tell. You'll definitely notice if it gets worse. The fins will curl and waste away. You can start treatment now or keep monitoring him and see if things improve. He's flaring which is good because it means he's acting healthy. Your choice when to medicate.
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    Which gourami for my 29g... if any?

    I too agree honey Gouramis are amazing, I love em
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    First Tank Journal

    Nice! Most people recommend you continue to treat for 1-2 weeks after symptoms are gone. The parasite could still be in the water after all. I'd treat at a lower dose of 20-50% for at least a week, just to be safe.
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    Cory identification

    Just go back and ask. They'll have the scientific name in the order history.
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