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    I Don't Think My Guppy Is Getting Enough To Eat

    What I would do (and I’ve had to do a similar thing before with a betta, though in that case I had to prevent the others from eating his pellets) is I would feed the other fish first. then while the fish are distracted eating elsewhere in the tank, drop some food where the guppy is. If the guppy...
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    Question Neon Tetra Worth It? Your Opinions!

    Yes Neon's are somewhat hard to keep and a lot of them do die fairly quickly. However if you can get them to survive the first few weeks then you can breathe a sigh of relief since the first few weeks in a new tank is hard for fish. After the first few weeks you might still have some deaths...
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    Guppies Pregnant, How Far?

    If your female guppy has been big since November then she is most likely not pregnant. Pregnancy only lasts a month. So she might just have a naturally big belly.
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    New To Raising Guppies

    I think a dozen guppies would be fine. 2 dozen is probably pushing it though. The guppies might try to nip at the shrimp sometimes but they shouldn’t do any damage. Of course get all males if you don’t want to have to deal with reproduction (especially since your tank is planted and the fry...
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    I Do Not Want My Angelfish To Breed

    You could rehome the male or female and get another anglefish of the same gender as the one you kept.
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    5 Gallon Tank My Betta Jumped... What Now?

    Since your moving to college soon, I'd suggest getting a fish that has a shorter lifespan. Bettas live 3-5 years, while guppies only live for 1-2 years, maybe 3. So I would get a male guppy or two, unless you don't want anymore fish.
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    Hostile Or Irreversible Problem?

    The only thing I’d avoid is putting the 2 bully guppies with the betta. I would be afraid of the bully guppies attacking the betta and depending on the temperament of the betta, he could retaliate and do serious damage to the guppies (unless your absolutely sure your betta wouldn’t attack your...
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    Fry Swimming Lifecycle

    For the first month they will probably stay near the bottom or top of the tank, where more protection is at. After the first month to month and a half they will most likely be big enough to not get eaten by the parents, and they will gain confidence and start swimming throughout the tank like...
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    Showing One Of My Guppies

    Thank you! I wasn't really interested in trying to breed him (I mean he probably will, but I'm not trying to get any specific strains out of him), I was just curious to know what his features or type is formally called.
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    Showing One Of My Guppies

    He does have a lot of females to choose from. There is an orange-tailed guppy that is in there, his mother (though that would be inbreeding), 4 other females that are mostly colorless, and his 4 sisters (though again, inbreeding). Anyway does anyone know what type of guppy he is? Basically...
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    Showing One Of My Guppies

    I thought I’d share what I think is the most pretty guppy in my tank!This is him! He’s sorta small but his tail is really big and he is a really active fella. I love his tail pattern and his colors. His actual body does contain colors as well but they aren’t obvious.This is the previous...
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    Gravel Turning Black!

    I used to have this issue, and it got pretty bad too. I had to manually remove the algae, which was a pain. Another solution is to get algae eaters and they should be able to clean it right up. It’s very doubtful that ALL of the algae will go away (if you have uneven gravel algae will get in...
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    Just A Suggestion

    I have a suggestion for how to implement being able to delete posts without it getting abusive (hopefully). What if you made it to where you could only delete your post if it was the latest reply in a thread? If someone replies after you make your post your unable to delete your post. This...
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    Koi Betta

    I have a Betta that was labeled as a Koi Betta, and I wanted to know if that was really an official tail type of bettas, as I dont really see that type of Betta anywhere on the forums.
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    Just Starting Out

    Some betta’s work and some do not, its all about the Betta’s temperament really. I had 2-3 betta’s in a row that were really peaceful and did not attack any other fish, they didn’t even attack the neon tetra I have. However the latest one I have (a Koi Betta) is more of a stinker as when I put...

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