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  1. Trying Out A Youtube Live Stream!

    Thanks, I would really like to be able to get better focus but right now this is the best I can do. Working on maybe adding an underwater cam in the future.
  2. Trying Out A Youtube Live Stream!

    My computer reset and had to restart it. Here is the new link. Gundy's Fish Tank Stream - YouTube
  3. Trying Out A Youtube Live Stream!

    Thanks! They have 4 babies in there as well. Hoping for more.
  4. Trying Out A Youtube Live Stream!

    Problem there is having to leave my camera at my tank 24/7
  5. Trying Out A Youtube Live Stream!

    So I finally got around to setting up some cameras to one of my tanks. Come take a look if you want. I would also invite you to suggest a better camera. Currently using 2 web cams but not getting the best quality from them because of the glass. It seems to be limiting my ability to focus...
  6. New Tank Setup

    Buried, all this growth comes from plants that are buried in my substrate.
  7. New Tank Setup

    The Anacharis will not die from being rooted. Mine has been rooted since day one and thrives. I have had to trim it down twice and give the excess to my LFS. It should do fine Ethier way though.
  8. New Tank!!!

    More pics...
  9. New Tank!!!

    Time for an update. I know it has been a long time since I have told you all anything about the tank, but as you know thing progress slowly with Saltwater. I have added more corals finally. They all seems to be doing well. Just went out last night and finally added my nem. Red bubbletip. I did lose my...
  10. Nitrogen Cycle

    What are all your levels. Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrates.
  11. How To Add Fish

    What size tank are we talking about and is your tank well cycled?
  12. How To Set Up And Maintain A Saltwater Aquarium? :)

    Back to your first question though I started Saltwater with a 28 Gallon Nano. I know that bigger is better in the Saltwater world but it is also way more expensive. I wanted to try this 28G to see if I could handle it. If I can I will bet a much larger tank later down the road. If you want a good read I would...
  13. How To Set Up And Maintain A Saltwater Aquarium? :)

    YES, I would never use tap. You can buy salt water from your LFS or if you can afford it a RO/DI system is a big plus. Remember to use a powerhead and heater when mixing your saltwater though.
  14. Crazy Water Perameters

    Wow, yeah they need more space for sure. I have never used the Aqueon conditioner so I can't help there. But I hope you can get them into a safe place soon.
  15. How To Set Up And Maintain A Saltwater Aquarium? :)

    I think you meant 1.021-1.026, just want to make sure they get the right info.

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