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    Betta loves to rest

    I have a 2 year old betta that loves to sit. He's healthy and swims occasionally but his favorite thing to do is sit on his decorations and just stare at me. He gets fed live foods twice a week. I don't mind but is he bored? Should I add something to entertain him? Am I the pet and he's...
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    Moor fish has ick?

    I have a 240 gal pond and I noticed my black moor goldfish has white spots but shes eating fine and swimming as usual all my other fish are fine and my water is clean. The only thing that I could think of is that my chicken fell in my pond and sadly passed away. My other goldfish had white...
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    Mosquito fish with guppies?

    My koi tend to just stay in their own school and haven't bothered any of my fish
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    Mosquito fish with guppies?

    I have a 240 gal pond and it has a mix of platys,mollies,guppies,least kili fish, koi and 2 gold fish. I breed mosquito fish for my rainwater collector to keep the mosquito population down but I wonder can I add some of my colorful mosquito fish to my pond. My concern is that they'll nip at my...
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    Red tiger lilly is HUGE

    Omg thank you! I adore it too! My koi are super friendly so I like to come in the morning with a cup of tea and sit beside the pond and gently pet them. Its so relaxing!
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    Red tiger lilly is HUGE

    Ive had a tiger lilly blulb that I got about two years ago and Ive been trying to grow it in my aquariums for the past two years but they've always been small so I took a sprout from the bulb and put it in my 240 gallon pond and nothing really happened for awhile till I left for a month and...
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    Guppy keeps getting grass stuck in her mouth

    That's a great idea I'll try that!
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    Guppy keeps getting grass stuck in her mouth

    I added some new dwarf grass into my aquarium and occasionally there's a few blades of grass that float around and one of my female guppies keeps taking a piece of grass and holds it in her mouth for days on end(i think it gets stuck and she cant spit it back out) I eventually have to net her...
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    Live bearing fish keep dying

    I have a new 105 gal pond thats been set up for a month with fish and ive noticed that my female guppies die during or after giving birth. This has happened with three females and they were all perfectly healthy and the other fish are fine. Also a molly ive had for a year recently died and she...
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    Fluval stratum extremely dusty??

    i recently bought some fluval off of Amazon and it looked fine and dandy till i started washing it. I was washing it for two hours and thought I had gotten all the cloudiness out of it but as soon as i put it in my tank it started to cloud again so i did three complete water chages and its still...
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