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  1. Broke Tank Hood - No Idea Where To Put This Thread

    I am talking about the glass piece on top. So best bet is just having one cut?
  2. Broke Tank Hood - No Idea Where To Put This Thread

    Sooooo. . .was doing a water change and stepped on my bowfront glass cover for the 38 gal tank. Tank dimensions are 17.125D x32.25W x25.719H. Looking for recommendations on best place to get a replacement? I've tried googling Marineland 38gal bowfront tank cover and am not confident in my...
  3. Stocking 30 Gallon!!

    This made me miss my pea puffer
  4. Question What Kind Of Cory!?

    I love these guys too. So entertaining. I have 4. Wondering if I should get a couple more.
  5. Question What Kind Of Cory!?

    Petco. Lesson learned. Sticking to the small fish store that’s a co-op from now on - took me awhile to find. Last left in the area. (The LFS)
  6. Question What Kind Of Cory!?

    i was told this was a bronze Cory but it doesn’t look like it to me but I’m new to cories.
  7. Hello There!

    Thanks! Good tip. It’s up out of reach but I’ll definitely secure it as well.
  8. Hello There!

    Hi, I'm a returning hobbyist. My son is 3 and I'm teaching him about tanks. I'm probably pretty novice, but know the basics. Biggest thing is what to stock with what. I have a 39 gallon tank - part live plants, part silk. Am stocked at about 66% per AqAdvisor. - community tank. Looking...
  9. How's The Stock Level Here. 39 Gal Tank

    Have a 39 gal freshwater community tank. Live and silk plants. Stocked currently with 8 neon tetra 5 zebra danio 1 sunburst platy dwarf neon blue gourami 4 bronze corys Looking to add another colorful fish that will work with these and/or some shrimp. Suggestions: Or am I fully stocked...

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