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    Feng Shui ??

    I have two tanks in the kitchen and one in my bedroom. They’ve only brought me enjoyment
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    Desperately Looking For Help Rehoming Big Fishes

    Wow!! I can’t really offer advice, but I’m happy the fish were in good hands for so long.
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    Making My Kitty A Wallpaper <3

    Love it!! You’re really talented!
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    Big Tank, Big Changes

    Hi Becca, I’m happy to hear you’re giving your goldfish more space. Commons can get quite large and often need to be moved to a pond when they’re older. My suggestion is to invest in some good filtration like an Aquaclear 70 hang on back filter.
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    But I Don't Wanna Change My Water!!!!

    Lovely tank. There’s a fish store in San Francisco (Ocean Aquarium) that never does water changes. They rely on a thick level of substrate and tons of plants. That’s not to say there’s no maintenance. I want to talk to the owner next time I’m in the city and hear about his experience and...
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    Looking For Tank Suggestions

    My partner’s dwarf robo hamster is in a plastic storage tote that she modded using a knife, wire mesh, and zip ties... this way you can get a “cage” that is the perfect size for your needs. I can take a picture when I get home.
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    A Behind The Scenes Look At Petsmart

    I love this thread! As others have said, be careful with what you disclose. Your manager might not have any issues, but corporate might. If you’re answering questions... What was the hiring process like? Do you think your pet knowledge is what got you the job? What does a typical fish shipment...
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    Question How many fish tanks do you have?

    Five - 75, 40, 29, 10, and 6 gallons...Not counting my dry tanks! Will be breaking down the 10 gallon soon though...
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    How Do I Entertain My Betta?

    Your betta may harass any shrimp you add considering it’s only a 5 gallon tank. I think your snails great tank mates. I am a huge fan of moss balls. I have seen my roommate’s betta lounge on them and attempt to move them, it’s really cute. He also loves his betta log. Other than that, see if...
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    Anybody Make A Composter?

    I bought the biggest trash can I could find at Walmart, drilled holes every 6”, and keep the top secure with bungee cords. I roll it across the yard every few weeks. The biggest things I have to worry about are skunks and raccoons, though. Pros: cheap, easy, and fast to make Cons: kind of hard...
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    Guppy Fry Growth

    I have heard that a female guppy’s first batch of fry is not usually the best and can be undersized. I had the same thing happen, and each generation is larger than the last Your guppies look really cool!
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    Aqueon Hob Stopped Working

    Okay, there weren’t any clogs and the propeller was fine. There isn’t any type of movement anymore so I think the motor died. I’m gonna experiment with a diy filter tomorrow
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    Aqueon Hob Stopped Working

    I didn’t notice anything immediately but I was in a rush. I can take a closer look later tonight. It’s 6 months old and I did not prime it. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started. Yes, it’s caribsea Tahitian moon sand. I rinsed it thoroughly before adding it in, but I’ll see if...
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    Aqueon Hob Stopped Working

    Hey guys. I have a 29 gallon aqueon tank kit that came with a HOB, I’m not sure if the filter is an aqueon 20 or 30. It’s been running for about 6 months now. There’s also a bubble bar that runs along the back of the tank but it’s mostly for looks. I was cleaning the filter out yesterday and...
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    Crawdad Is Honorary Member Of Snail Gang

    Yeah guy is about an inch (tail to claws), I’ve been waiting to see if he grows out before adding anything else. Thankfully no problems yet, but I will keep an eye on the snails. They are technically pest snails but I love them. I think so too!

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