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  1. 55 gal tank

    55 gal tank

    um tank pics
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    bloody parrots

    cool no not worried bout fry getting eaten they r hard enough to get rid of
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    I just inherited a 55g aquarium...

    put some cichlids in there
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    bloody parrots

    nice good to know I wasn't sure what was going on with um I'm used to my beggers
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    50 Gallon Tank Advice on adding rocks for African Cichlid set-up.

    yeah get free river rocks and boil them just take your time stacking them and you will be fine
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    bloody parrots

    5 days never had a shy fish before bought a red top zebra same day for my other tanks well actually 2 of them and the male was chaseing the rest around in 10 mins after he was in there so to me a hideing fish is odd
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    My Jack Dempsey is Growing up

    nice jack mines a lil darker
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    There's a Convict on the loose!

    yeah rabbits I had 2 now I have babies of all sizes some are close to moms size now
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    bloody parrots

    just wonde/ring if those of you who keep bloddy parrots ......find that they are shy eaters? mine seem to come out if I am at a distance not when I'm close do they act shy normally?
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    Newbie with a tank to fill!

    pair of convicts sounds good to me
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    LFS gave a red severum for free!

    awesome I drive 45 mins to fins a decent lfs I feel your pain but was worth the ride bought 2 red top zebras for 10 each at 5 inches and turns out they were a breeding pair and spawned already b ut free is better
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    What kind of fish do you have? Saltwater tank or Fresh water?

    hmmm I keep mbuna and some bloody parots ,convicts,jack dempsy pretty much mean stuff
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    Hiding places for larger cichlids

    yeah my tanks have rivr rock in um works awesome
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    Stocking ideas

    hmmm no convicts but if u start a new tank and want some let me know I have pleanty
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    Male or Female?

    I know my pair lock faces nw and again sheshlf his size and normally wins
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