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    Help with Curly! His beautiful fins are wasting away!

    Sure, you can try spirulina . just fyi-in my usage of Kanaplex- I found this medicine to be ineffective . I had better results with API general cure, but then again, it is hard to say what we dealing here with. I hope he feels better soon☺️
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    Would corys be ok on flourite black?

    I have flourite black sand. Corys doing just fine, never had any problems .
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    Have you ever cried when your fish passed away?

    There’s nothing wrong if you cried or wanted to. I cried so hard that my husband had to calm me down when my betta boy Rocky died after battling dropsy disease for over two weeks. Everyone expressing it differently, there’s no right or wrong way in such situation. Feel better soon...
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    Java moss still isn’t growing

    I had the same problem with java moss at the beginning of my tank set up. First batch got so brown and wasn’t coming back to live no matter what I did, it had to be throwing away.I had a better luck with whipping moss at the time of the tank establishment. After about a year of running, I tried...
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    Betta Photos

    Rip-Rocky Neo
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    Help with Curly! His beautiful fins are wasting away!

    I would do API general cure at this point and definitely switch to verity of frozen foods such as brine shrimp, mysis shrimp,daphnia,krill and other fresh water frozen foods. I would also perform methylene blue dip for about 30 min. every day for at least a week. I do this dip every other water...
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    Thick white film on top of water

    As you mentioned, you tank has been running for about a week. It is very short time to tell anything about it. Especially in 10 gallons. I have one myself for a year now, planted . Still struggling to maintain balance fow some reason, while now doing any changes at all. And yet have 36 gallons...
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    Possible issue?

    I have different types of corys that mostly swim with mate they were brought with. Like I have two paper corys swim mostly together and they were bought together, then I have pigmy cory that survived and then new pygmys were introduced, but he still swims along up until this day. Sometimes they...
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    Female Betta tank mates?

    I have Betta boy , Neo,in 10 gallons planted tank. For a year I’ve tried introducing different tank mates to him. Tetras, Corys ,Otos, amano shrimp-nothing worked. I give up for some time and didnt try again up until about a month ago when I picked up 5 small feeder guppies from LPS. Well ...
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    Trouble feeding corys! Other fish eating the food

    Maybe try few different types of food. I never give just one type every time. My cories actually not that keen on sinking pallets anyway.They enjoy more like Repashy food, I usually feed it twice a week inserting it into a blanched cucumber. Also frozen brine shrimp, blood worms, krill and Mysis...
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    Black “ cherry” shrimp!?

    Thank you, that’s exactly what I want for them to mix to see what can come out, so far so good. They also staying healthy, so that’s awesome.
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    Black “ cherry” shrimp!?

    Cool, thanks guys. I hope one day my red and blues can create purple one , lol
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    5 Gallon Tank Smaller Betta Food Suggestions?

    Soak in aquarium water any dry food before feeding. Also don’t feed anymore then their eyeball size. I do feed my folks every other day. They receive more frozen food then dry as well as jelly food,Repashi. Once a week they given a bit of a pea for digestion. With Bettas need be more careful as...
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    Sorority betta tank

    I can say that any type Betta can be aggressive despite fin/tail types. If you want to try bettar sorority, try to get them as young as possible. In my area only Petco sells baby Bettas. When they more mature they get more aggressive towards each other if introduced at that age.Also size tank...
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    Black “ cherry” shrimp!?

    I have been keeping cherry, blue velvet and amano shrimp in my tank for quite some time now. Cherries and blues have been breeding regularly. Offsprings have been red, blue, clear, dark clear colors so far. A few days ago I happened to see a black with golden stripe shrimp, a good size shrimp...
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