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    My Discus Tank

    Absolutely beautiful fish and tank always happy to see more discus keepers keep up the great work it inspires all who see it .
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    Finished Up The 90 Gallon This Weekend

    Finnaly got my tapestry hung behind the tank .got some new plants last month starting to grow.
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    Finished Up The 90 Gallon This Weekend

    About two months ago I changed my substrate out for the seachem aquasolm humate .so for the last month I'm hardly having to dose much fertilizer .I use aquarium fertilizer dry ferts.the mmn mixture along with thrive +rotateing them every other week .I also dose seachem synthesis everyday...
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    Finished Up The 90 Gallon This Weekend

    Just an update on the tank finnally growing out.
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    Has Anyone Ran There Air Pump Through There Co2 Reactor At Night

    Thanks for the reply carl,yes I did mine last month exactly as you described went with a smaller pump and used check valves off of the t I have it on a timer and run it for 30 minutes each hour from 11pm to 9am . The plants and fish seem to be doing very well and it doesn't drop my ph much .very...
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    Soon Completed Peacock Tank

    Syndontis cats are nice you should really keep them in groups they seem to do will love the redtop lwanda there beautiful fish .yes its pretty normal to rehome peacocks and haps .sometimes you get lucky and get a strong dominant male who keeps the peace in the tank and isn't to much...
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    Fluval 406 - I Broke Instant Prime Handle .. Now What ?

    You can buy a replacement primer assy., just google it and there's sevral options ,around twenty dollars with shipping .
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    Soon Completed Peacock Tank

    That's great they really are beautiful fish .good luck .
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    Soon Completed Peacock Tank

    Sunshine ,ob ,z.rock even though its a lithobate will do great with peacocks mine was pretty mellow.I would go with the red top lwanda gorgeous fish but completely your choice .I always had a lot of trouble with the ruby red had to rehome 7 of them before I found one that would play nice with...
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    Stocking Ideas

    The L135 is a rio negro pleco about 4 inches .candy stripe peckolitia should work fine.2x d.maculatus checker board cichlid,12 cardinal tetras 12x marble hatchets would look nice .
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    First Design Attempt

    I love it looks very natural ,nice job .
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    Blue Shrimp

    Aquabid has a few different types of blues for sale ,you can check them out .
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    Plants Potassium Deficiency?

    I had the same issue about four months ago plants getting pin holes started dosing 20ml kh2po4 twice a week with my thrive+. Took about a month and there gone haven't seen any since .its worth a try every tank is different but this worked for mine.
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    Co2 Canister System

    Wow I'm happy for you and your plants opens up so many varieties and possibilities your going to love it .hope you purchased your trimming kit along with it .wont be long and you'll be trimming twice a week ,it looks like youve got quite a jungle starting already .I only used the ceramic...
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    Issue With Weird And Persistent Foamy Surface (help)

    The only time ive seen a tank foam like that is when useing melafix its a tea tree extract .in the picture you posted of the foam on top I noticed a plant appears to be hanging down into the tank. I wonder if it could be leeching some type of oil into your water causeing the same affect as...
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