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    Ever Had Coworkers Fabricate Lies?

    I worked at a flower shop once. It was small business (maybe 10 employees at the most, between two locations). I dont think we really had intentional lying, but some of the employees would talk about others behind their backs. And I think maybe when people start doing that, then everyone starts...
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    Question Well Water/soft Water?

    Okay, thanks. Not setting up a tank any time soon, but I still wanted to know for the future
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    Question Well Water/soft Water?

    Hello everyone, I just bought a new house, which uses a well system for water. There is also a water softener (which I dont want to turn off, because it's better for the pipes). However, I had always wanted to set up a tank with shrimp, silver hatchetfish, and live plants. But I dont really...
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    Wild Fish Don’t Care About Parameters!!

    In wild bodies of water, there is much more water to balance out anything. Everything is much more diluted with more water. Fluctuations in water quality can happen much easier in a 20 gallon tank. So fish living in a tank might seem "more sensitive" simply because they are experiencing fluctuations...
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    Ideas For 55 Gallon

    I'll probably look more into tetras and rasboras. And I know Pearl Gouramis are supposed to be social...I just didnt know it when I bought mine. I think I've had her for about a year now, and shes a lot bigger than the ones at the pet store. I'm just worried that she might not react well if I...
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    Makeshift Hood

    With my first tank, I literally just got a piece of like plexiglass from the craft store, cut it to fit my tank, and used that. Wasn't the fanciest lid or hood, but it was cheap and worked to stop evaporation.
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    Ideas For 55 Gallon

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum... So right now my 55gallon tank is lacking fish. I have a female Pearl Gourami, 1 platy, and 2 striped Raphael Catfish. Obviously, I would like to add more fish...but I'm having trouble deciding what would even be good to add. I would love to have a school of...
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    Bn Pleco Babies

    Here's a pic I got of one of the babies today. I've been trying to count them, and it seems like there are atleast maybe 20 in my tank.
  9. Baby Bristlenose Pleco

    Baby Bristlenose Pleco

  10. fish


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    Bn Pleco Babies

    So a few weeks ago, we discovered baby plecos in our 55 gallon tank.... I guess I'm probably going to end up just selling them on Craigslist or something, but I wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas on what to do with them (I don't want to bother with shipping fish). I'm also curious...
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    Do Raphael Catfish Eat Other Fish?

    Does anyone know if all my danios will eventually get eaten, or if it was just kinda the couple of weakest/slowest ones? And if the Danios can't work with the catfish, then any suggestions on a similar fish that I could get without being eaten? I really liked these danios- the color of the snow...
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    Do Raphael Catfish Eat Other Fish?

    We have a 55 gallon tank that came with a couple of striped Raphael catfish that we've had for a while now. Recently, we added 7 snow white danios....but I noticed today that I can only count 5. Nothing else in the tank seems big enough to eat the danios (I mean maybe slowly, but I think we...
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    Tap water quality

    Hey can I throw in another question here, instead of making a new thread? My fiance sent me a message today that I shouldn't drink the tap water, because our area has a "high nitrate advisory" right now. Well I was wondering if that would be a problem for changing the water in my tanks or not?
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    Future Pair? Solis and Venus

    I have no idea what happened. She was only around 6 months old, and she was totally fine 2 days ago. Yesterday I went in to feed them, and she just kinda sunk down to the bottom, instead of coming up for food. I scooped her out, and put her in the floating breeder box so that she wouldn't get...

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