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    The bestest thread on fishlore.

    I heard the food is pretty good, but the huge price for the meal
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    The bestest thread on fishlore.

    haha... I'm the minority here.
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    Selling Fish?

    No, you don't need a license but you will need to have money for boxes, heat packs (usually comes at extra cost), bags, and etc. Shipping kind of counts, I guess, but the buyer will be paying for that. If you are shipping overseas I know that some fish arrive somewhere (like a 3rd person...
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    Dying Corycats, please help!

    Happy to hear! Nice job!
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    I have started the nitrogen cycle

    Make sure your ammonia levels don't get too low, or your BB will have no source of "food". Some people go as far as to 4 ppm.
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    The bestest thread on fishlore.

    The TV shows are mostly educational, I think. Don't know about Telletubbies though.
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    Is my platy pregnant ?

    I don't think she is pregnant. If you search up pregnant platies on google or somewhere on Fishlore, then they will get way larger than that.
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    Constipated betta

    He looks fine to me. What are your tank parameters? (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate). How much do you feed him, and how many times per day? Fish are always begging for food, since they tend to keep on eating when they're full. Their stomach's sizes are the size of their eyes. I would feed once per...
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    Starting to hate this hobby

    Wow, that sucks to hear. Maybe you should take it slower on the bioload? I'm not sure but it's just a suggestion, since it doesn't hurt. With a few more swordtails and guppies, your pond should be back to normal. They reproduce fairly quickly, and expect some fish to die (since more will grow)...
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    First thread deleted?

    Perhaps the post was in the wrong thread discussion? Usually the moderators move it to somewhere else. I'm not sure, maybe some mods can help.
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    New two forum

    Welcome! I would read up on the nitrogen cycle as well as a fishless cycle. Then you would be good to go, unless you already know them
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    Corydoras breeding

    Was just curious when I saw one of my female albino corydoras swimming around the tank (as if searching for something). Do females swim around the tank when they try to find decorations or plants to lay their eggs on? I have a few females and males in the tank. Anyone know how females behave...
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    Dying Corycats, please help!

    Sounds like stress and issues because your tank isn't cycled. That is a huge bioload for a tank, and I think that it is not cycled, because your nitrates are 0. Unless you have TONS of live plants, usually your tank has more than 0ppm. I think even if your tank was cycled, the huge amount of...
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    Is Going Bare Bottom a Good Or Bad Idea?

    Pros: Easier to clean, waste and fish food don't get stuck in the substrate. That is why most QT tanks are bare bottom. Cons: Doesn't look that natural or nice to see, more algae growth on the bottom if you don't clean/maintain it. Also, BB won't live in your substrate (doesn't matter because...
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    Blue mark on guppy comes and goes?

    Stress can change colors on fish, usually to a darker color or some type of color that makes them blend in with their background. Obviously, they don't change color that much and you can see them, but they still have them. Discus have these, they are called stress stripes.
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