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  1. Large Tank Set-Up

    You could do Scats.
  2. 55 Gallon Tank need help, cant decide what to put

    Id definitly go with a Tanganyika community tank. Lots of color and personality.
  3. Large Tank Set-Up

    Oh yeah, be careful with the monos in the brackish because when full grown they need complete saltwater.
  4. Large Tank Set-Up

    For the 125 Tang tank I'd go with Tropheus, some Altolamprologus, and maybe Simochromis. If you do a bigger Tang tank you could do Petrochromis which are beautiful with tropheus and simos, or you could do an awsome community Tang tank with any size.
  5. Haps or Tropheus

    From my research, tropheus are delicate when shipping/first introduced, but after that there easy. Just have to feed the right food and have plenty of oxygen in the water. By the way a great online store, Cichlids and Herps, have a huge variety of all sorts of tangayinkans, including wild...
  6. Question stocking ideas

    If I'm right the geo surm is a Geophagus Surinamensis. If it is, then one you need to return it because it can get up to 12 inches, way to big for your tank. And two, it must still be a juvenile which means it colors are drab right now. As soon as it hits the 1-1.5 Year mark it will look...
  7. Haps or Tropheus

    Just one species of Fish in a 75 gallon tank??
  8. Haps or Tropheus

    I am setting up a 75 gallon tank this summer and was planning on doing an african one. At first I was thinking a colony of Tropheus Moorii Kantalambe, but now I'm indicisive. If it was your tank would you do Haps or Tropheus??
  9. 46 Gallon SA Stocking

    I was looking at Watermelon Plecos (L191), Three Beacon (L091) or Blue Phantoms (L128), but I'm still thinking. I know that watermelon plecos get big (16 inches), but I also heard that they take a long time to grow, so I probably would have a larger tank by then (I probably won't risk it). I...
  10. 46 Gallon SA Stocking

    Okay, I'm getting ready to redo my 46 gallon bowfront and here's what I was thinking; 4 Apistogramma Paucisquamis 15 Paracheirodon simulans (Green Neon Tetra) 3-5 Long Nose Angelfish (Pterophyllum leopoldi- Grow to 2-3 Inches) I was looking into a Rio Negro biotope, but I'm open to any SA...
  11. 75 gallon summer project

    Lake Tang tanks are extremely cool. With a 75 I would do a family of Shell dwellers such as N. Multifuscis (You can have a whole colony with several generations in A 10 GALLON, imagine a 75!!!), and some Cyps or Paracyps In the top, and maybe some Julidochromis, Chalinochromis or Larger...
  12. 55 Gallon Tank Stocked Or Overstocked

    I agree with LyndaB, just make sure to keep up the water quality for the ram; there very sensitive.
  13. 46 Gallon Restocking

    I was just curious if the following stocking would work. Just trying to look at all options. Also I would like to try to keep all the fish from south america. 3 Angelfish 1 Crenicichla Compressiceps 2 Larger Apistos 1-2 Small plecos I am able to take back the angels if they get to large, and I...
  14. tank mates? African Cichlids

    The locations of the various locations doesn't matter as much as there temperment, size, needs, etc. So as long as they are compatible ( i.e. Same aggresion and needs) then they should be okay. And as long as the non-cichlids can hold there own then they should be good.
  15. 46 Gallon Restocking

    Would tiger barbs be able to hold their own against Dwarf pikes and red jewels? If so could they replace the Congos in the 46?

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