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    Goldfish not active?

    Tried plants in the tank? Or... Water movement? Bubbles? Trickling water? With none of these 3 an aquarium, a fish sits in a defining silence. Even wild fish have multiple sounds/vibrations for them to hear/feel. Just a thought... But then again if he seems healthy, I wouldn't worry. Good...
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    100 gallon Goldfish/comets only tank.

    Just noticed my title is missing a 0 for 1000 not 100. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish...
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    Help 9 year old goldfish suddenly died?

    Derris dust kills within minutes, nobody been spraying the plants for caterpillars...? Even a tiny trace would do it.
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    100 gallon Goldfish/comets only tank.

    My pond had no floating plants, other than water lilies... A little watercress, but that soon disappears with their appetites... The sides of my pond were almost 45 degrees, I had some marsh type grasses, very light growing around the edges, nothing too strong as to support a bird, also hard...
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    100 gallon Goldfish/comets only tank.

    I agree with you all... The tanks been running for over six months, water parameters are fine. Fish are very healthy. Never done a water change, and have had eggs in the tank at one stage. I've overcrowded it to show my friends how we'll a sump filter action system works, especially in this...
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    100 gallon Goldfish/comets only tank.

    27 comets. (I know that's a lot of fish but their all happy) Water clarity great and balanced. Lost 2 fish to a Whitefaces Heron while in an ornamental pond, so decided to keep them in my garage in a tank, with warmer water (22 deg c) Fish constantly play, some have even formed a group that...
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    How to make live rock safe for freshwater

    6 months with a water change every week. (Depending on the thickness of your thickest rock. My was 4 inches at thickest part) Worked for me... It's now in my tropical FW tank. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish...
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    ferret ages?

    They get a grown on their lower spine causing them that loss of feeling... My ferret "Saber" got this condition when he was around 10-12 and all he could do was spin around (slowly) he ignored food and didn't sleep... So I had no choice but to get him put him down. ... That was years ago. We...

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